EDIT Dec.03.12:
I stopped carrying my Travalo as I found that they seemed to leak. Both the ones I got from SDM, the Polka Dot ones that were on clearance, leaked. Thus though I like the simplicity, I’m not sure I like that SDM sold faulty products. I know others who have had no trouble with them, I just wasn’t as lucky.

I first got an atomizer from Ebay. I had wanted to be able to tote around my favourite scent (H2O Mariel. You can check out THIS website for notes and such. Loved it since 1997 when I got a sample), and needed to get something. The Ebay wasn’t bad, but if you pulled too hard on the cap, it would pull out the vial as well.

Travalo Atomizer
Travalo Atomizer
I then picked up The Body Shop Atomizer during their Christmas Sale a few years back. I liked it, but it was a bit of a pain. In order to fill it, I would have to unscrew it, and then carefully spray the perfume into the tiny vial opening. Yes some come with tiny funnels, but this particular didn’t. It was really annoying.

So when Sparkled Beauty mentioned the Travalo (and the free SDM perfume fill), I thought it was such a cool idea. I didn’t jump to buy it, cause I didn’t like that I could only use one fragrance with it. That is until JilloJello posted how to clean your Travalo!

You can read more about the product HERE on their website. They have solid colours, but also come out with different patterns. I noticed they also have the rollerball on the website. Cool idea.

Travalo Atomizer

I was able to pick mine up on clearance at SDM for $3.99. A steal, and wish I could have gotten more! (My tendency to hoard has been under control lately…so I don’t go nuts anymore lol). Unfortunately my lady didn’t know about the free fragrance fill thing, so I left that, which would have been great…

Anyway YMMV, but I would suggest you check to see if your SDM has Travalo’s on sale from time to time :)

Travalo Atomizer

I hadn’t actually seen a Travalo up close before, other than in a box, so when I attempted to fill it, I tried to pull the nozzle off! When I couldn’t pull it, I had to check out the box.

Travalo Atomizer
Travalo Atomizer

The hole was on the bottom of the Travalo -____- Major fail. I had assumed I knew what I was doing lol

Travalo Atomizer

Travalo Atomizer

So far I’m loving it. It seems to spray evenly, which is important. No leaks, no issues.

Do you use an atomizer to make your favourite scent more tote-able?


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