Twin Like Cousins: OPI & Face Shop Polish Comparison

I had once seen OPI Princess Rule on a blog, and fell in love. It was such a lovely looking notd, that I knew I had to have it one day.

Unfortunately when I did get it, it wasn’t what I was expecting.

You see, I had failed to read the blog properly, and the individual had layered the Princess Rule over another colour! So what I thought I was looking at, wasn’t it.

So the polish was far sheerer than I had expected it to be. Even after 4 coats, it just wasn’t what I wanted.

It sat a little neglected in my stash.

When I went to Korea (December 2011), I needed to buy a few polishes to wear while I was there, and picked this one polish that I thought looked similar to Princess Rule.

It only just occurred to me, this past weekend, that I never did a comparison of the two for myself!

So I did.

So here are the two bottles.

OPI vs The Face Shop
OPI vs The Face Shop
The Face Shop Lovely Mix Nails PK103 vs OPI Princess Rule.

If you have a Face Shop accessible to you, I will go ahead and say that you should get the FS one than the OPI, just out of sheer cost difference. Unless you find the OPI cheap, and it then rivals the price of the Face Shop, then I’d suggest you get the OPI.

Anyway in the bottle, the Face Shop looks a tad pinker. The shimmer doesn’t look as find as it does in the OPI, and the Face Shop looks a tad more opaque in comparison to the OPI.

However when applied, these things are negligible. There really isn’t enough of a difference that can be spotted by the eye, especially if you aren’t’ looking at it close up.

OPI vs The Face Shop
OPI vs The Face Shop
OPI vs The Face Shop
OPI vs The Face Shop
OPI vs The Face Shop
When applied, you can kind of tell that the Face Shop one is a little more opaque than the OPI, but again, not so much of a difference that you can tell.

OPI vs The Face Shop
Brush Shot

Sometimes I like finding dupes, but this time around, I’m just -_____- at the fact I have generally the two of the same polish lol

Ah well.

I mean the only way to avoid this is to always carry my nail chips with me. And that would be insane…right…? xD


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