The brighter side of red…

I like to do for darker colours. Always have. However…slowly…things are changing.

Especially when it comes to pink and red.

Sally Hansen Hearts on Fire
I picked this up on clearance, all nasty, but lovely.


Essie Fifth Avenue
I received this from my dear unni friend DA (despite the fact its been forever since you left blogging, you will always be DA to me :]). It is another lovely brighter red, that puts a little spring to my fingernails. Plus I just love Essie. I used to think they were too subtle for me, but they were the first polish used in my first pro manicure (2002 I believe), so the brand holds a very special place for me. (The first polish was Ballet Slippers. I picked it cause I didn’t want my mother to scold me for picking something too bright, and make me erase it lol)

Essie Fifth Avenue
Essie Fifth Avenue
Essie Fifth Avenue
My index finger had a major chip, so I had to PS it a bit. Just a side note :P


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