Croc Jaunts

I know that this isn’t really a time to be posting rain wear, but it is supposed to rain today! lol

During my ECE practicum, I needed a pair of boots to survive the wet muddy outdoors.

Alienman raved about the Croc Rainboots, so I knew I had to get them when I found out that the online store had a BOGO sale.

I got a few of my friends to buy with me, and here are the boots.


I’m showing the three boots, as they are all different sizes.
This post is more to show you that the sizes are kind of annoying, and to rave that I love their boots lol

Left to Right
size 6, size 7, size 8
You can see the slight height differences between the boots.


size 6, size 7, size 8
the width of the boot from the ankle up does widen a bit between the 7 and 8.

size 6, size 7, size 8

size 6, size 7, size 8
You can see here that the difference between size 6 and 7 toe area isn’t much at all. Then it jumps at size 8.

size 6, size 7, size 8
The width at the top of the shaft is wider for the 8, whereas they are similar in the 6 and 7.

size 6
There is a white trim that goes around the bottom of the boot.

size 6
The typical croc logo at the back of the heel.

size 6
Holes to plug in your little button things that can be bought from the croc store. The white circlue is for your fingers, to aid in tugging your boots on.

size 6
The treads aren’t the best, I think they could have done far better. But I haven’t had issues walking into a hallway after stepping in from the rain, and haven’t had issues when I walk about in the mud, so I guess it isn’t bad.

Their shipping is alright, and you get free shipping at $100. I’d say see if they have a sale, and then get a few friends to join in on an order.

Their return policy is decent, and I was able to take it to the store to return items when needed. I had bought a size 8, but it was rather too large for me, so I returned it and reordered the size 7.

If you are looking into buying boots, I would totally suggest these, especially when they have a sale on them. But their sizing is a little weird.

I typically wear size 7.5-8, but I could fit in to the size 6 boot. Not comfortably, but it fit the length of my foot. Size 8 was far to large in the toe area because of the bulbous design, so really size 7 was the best bet for me. If you already have their clogs, I would say go by that sizing as a guide to buy your boots. It will also depend how tight of a fit you would want them. If all else fails, order two, and return the one you don’t want.

I really don’t like those ugly crocs that made the scene all those years ago.

I have a pair to wear at home, but they never leave the house. Not even to work in the garden.

I have a pair of flip flops that my mother store from me, that again, she wears as house slippers.

I have a pair of croc ballerina flats that I used to wear, but they are not in the most decent condition so I have stopped wearing them, but they were comfy for my practicums.

Now, in general, the brand has really expanded their line. If you haven’t checked them out in awhile, you really should.

They have foot wear that aren’t as hideous as the clog that made them famous. They have boots that are quite stylish, heels, sneakers and other flats that shouldn’t make you cringe.




I was not asked to do a review for Crocs. I bought these babies based on a another bloggers review, and seeing as I liked them, and had taken the pictures, thought I would do a write up. None of the links are affiliate links, and the boots were bought with our own monies.



2 thoughts on “Croc Jaunts

  1. I hated that $100 for free ship, cause I have no friends here who want to try Crocs. Been eyeing the Adrina flats but can’t bring myself to order online. And then there’s the question about size :) Gotta admit though, they have come out with so many interesting styles now

    • I’ve kinda been interested in those flats too xD
      100 is a bit high, I do agree, but seeing as I hate paying shipping, I try to make it work.

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