Benefit Creaseless Cream Pots…

I got my first Benefit Creaseless Creams because of a heads up from my friend DA, who told me about this awesome kit on Sephora. This was a few years back actually, and still trying to burn through my first pots from them.

I split the pots, or in some cases, shoved it to one side, and it has been a little easier to use. Seeing as they are colours that work together.

I wouldn’t mind getting more, but these are taking me forever to get through anyway, so I had to shoo away that thought.

I don’t use these are liners, as I find that they are too soft, they don’t really go on as opaquely as I would like as a liner. For the most part I use them as bases for my shadows, an extra layer to guard against my oily skin. But they are smooth, and just pigmented enough that I can just swipe on, and then run away if need be.

As I got these before any of my MAC Paintpots, they hold a special place in my heart. There are currently 12 shades, including a newly introduced one, Farenheit Fab.

Benefit Creaseless Creams
Benefit Creaseless Creams
Benefit Creaseless Creams

Benefit Creaseless Creams
Left – Towne Car
Right – Strut

Benefit Creaseless Creams
Left – Birthday Suit
Right – Skinny Jeans

Benefit Creaseless Creams
RSVP mini

Benefit Creaseless Creams
Left – Get Figgy
Right – Flatter Me

Benefit Creaseless Creams
Benefit Creaseless Creams
Swatches can be so fun~

Sorry been having allergic reaction issues again. I think my MAC mixing medium is the culprit this time around. Anyway, my eyelids are a little more swollen then they usually are >_< =___=

Benefit Creaseless Creams
Birthday Suit and Skinny Jeans

Benefit Creaseless Creams
Flatter Me and Get Figgy


3 thoughts on “Benefit Creaseless Cream Pots…

  1. I love Benefit’s Creaseless Cream Pot and I wish to own the type you have that has 2 shades in a pot! The one I have is already dry :( and i’m not even done halfway!

    P.S. Gorgeous eye makeup!

    • Hi Mac~
      Going to tweet you just in case as well. You can use anything really. I’ve used a sharp knife, as well as using fishing line that I wiped down with alcohol. Generally a lot of the Korean bloggers use hard plastic film to cut them (like overhead sheets) HTH’s~

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