Products I’ve been reaching for, in regards to my lips…

Oh Lip Butters…

How you torment me so.

I tried, I did to avoid them in the beginning…

Then I got a few (you can check out that post HERE)…and I declared the game over.

That was until there was another BOGO sale…

I bought 2, picked up a few for a friend, but things happened and I was supposed to return them. With the annoyances of school, I forgot to return them…so in to my stash they ended up.

Luckily they were colours I wanted to check out~

Revlon Lip Butters
Revlon Lip Butters
Revlon Lip Butters
(Sorry this picture is crappy…but…meh)

I already had Lollipop and Peach Parfait. I have now added Raspberry Pie, Candy Apple, and Sweet Tart to my collection.

Revlon Lip Butters
Revlon Lip Butters
On my hand, Candy Apply looks a little too orange. I think it may just be my skin tone that turns it that way. Isn’t too bad on the lips.

Revlon Lip Butters
Raspberry Pie is just a tad darker on me than Lollipop. If I knew they would look this similar on me, I’d just pick one over the other.

Revlon Lip Butters
Candy Apple looks quite vivid in the picture, but it isn’t too bad to reach for on a daily basis. I wish it were a little more on the sheer side, but I fix that by using a slick balm underneath to sheer it out.

Revlon Lip Butters
Sweet Tart looks flakey. I blame me rubbing the wipes on my lips after the swatches and irritating my lips. The product isn’t that drying. The colour is actually quite fun. I wouldn’t have thought that I would grow that attached to it.

Revlon Lip Butters
Revlon Lip Butters
One little annoyance I have with the product, is that it slides down funny. It does in a way that it scrapes a bit of the product up all over the place. Annoying. But alas, you deal if you like it xD

Anyway, other than a balm, I have been using these guys a bit these past few weeks. I think that bangs make me braver for more colour on my face, especially in the lip area xD A good thing really, helps me wear some of my other brighter lip colours.

What have you been reaching for lately?


2 thoughts on “Products I’ve been reaching for, in regards to my lips…

    • If you don’t have any lip butters Jenn, then yes, you should get one xD
      But you have the Revlon Just Bitten crayons right?
      I would see those as being greater than lip butters. Though they are different~

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