Blue Bird

I was thinking of this song…but realized it isn’t “blue bird”, its “little bird”. Fail. lol

I have both the Marcelle and Annabelle here, as I layer them. I had originally found the Annabelle a little too wet for my liking. It would undo my curls. So I would use the Marcelle first, then use the Annabelle to plump it up.

I used the Annabelle Smoothing in Blu Bomb as a base for the shadow.

One way for me to pull off blues, is to wear it as a solid colour, rather then trying to diffuse it with different combinations. Works a bit better for me.


2 thoughts on “Blue Bird

  1. I like the smoky effect you did on the blues. Funny enough, I have a post titled the same in draft, we are thinking alike? :)

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