Annabelle introduces Goddess to their line…

Oh dear. Unfortunately this post has a bit of a boo boo.

I forgot to take the individual picture of the actual shadow! lol
But I need to stick to my schedule…
So I am posting this anyway.

Soon, Annabelle will be releasing a few new shadows to their line.

Group Marcelle
Group Marcelle

Group Marcelle
These five shadows are a welcomed addition, as they are brighter, and thus “funkifiying” the current line.

They will have a SRP of $5.95, and well…as long as the formula is the same as the Goddess I got to try out…I’ll be happy xD

Annabelle Goddess
Annabelle Goddess
Annabelle Goddess
Swatches from left to right:
Annabelle Gold Digger
ELF (I believe this is Golden Glow. Broke it a long time ago…)
Milani Sun Goddess
Annabelle Quad LE
Annabelle Goddess
Pupa Luminys 18
MAC Pigment Gold Mode

Annabelle Goddess
In my stash, the closest are ELF – Goddess – Milani Sun Goddess

But even then its not a real closeness, as ELF is far lighter and more on the orange side, and Milani is a smidge lighter, leaning on the orange side.

Maybe I am going at this all wrong, and could find a better similarity with the browns, but I tried :P

The pigmentation of this is amazing. I truly love it. But again, I tend to get lazy and use my fingers, so my natural oils might make me biased in this sense. However, I’d say that if all the eyeshadows they released from now on had this pigmentation, I would probably never buy another brand. I know that is highly unlikely on my part, as I am just addicted to buying pretty eyeshadow, but if I had the self-control, then yes…

Annabelle Goddess
I forgot to lighten this picture a little, to compensate for the shade. Boo…
Anyway as the shadow is pigmented, it helps when I am in a rush to get out. Swipe on, and run out the door! xD
Love when shadows are easy and make my monolid life easy~


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