New Marcelle Eye Shadows Quads…

So Marcelle is discontinuing their wet/dry shadow for their new boxed shadows.
I got Rhythm in Blues to play with, in my gift bag from their event in June.

These will be released later in July, at a SRP of $15.95. A tad pricey, but if you find a quad you like, the different combinations it allows will make up for it.

There will be 9 quads:

  • Nouveau Nude
  • Sundance*
  • Mona Lisa
  • Jungle Fever*
  • Midnight Seas
  • Rhythm in Blues
  • Mauve on Over
  • Ultraviolets
  • Smoke Signals*
    * indicate the ones I would like to play around with when they are available in stores, and if there are testers. I so hope there are!

In addition to the quads, you will also have the Monochromatic Eye shadow Quads. This just means that there are 4 different finishes in the one quad, of the same colour. Interesting concept, but I didn’t play with this at the event, so can’t say how they play out. I do wish they had a green in the line though. I’m a sucker for green shadows.

  • Rose Couture
  • Moonlighting
  • Nearly Nude
  • Studio Beige
  • Taupetation
  • Coffee Beans
  • Terracopper
  • Black Magic
  • Moody Blues

Now that I got that out of the way, let’s move on to my play time with Rhythm in Blues


One thing to note that it isn’t as shimmery as it first looks when you open it. It is like a extra light over spray of shimmer over the product. You can tell that the top of the individual squares are more muted (especially in the lower right corner, dark blue), than the sides of the individual squares that hadn’t been touched. Not a big deal for me, but just noting that.

There are two sponge tip applicators inside…

Paraban Free~

Dry Swatches, on non primed skin.

Dry Swatches, on UDPP primed skin.
Upper part, above the watermark, is without primer, below is with.

I think the Benefit Creaseless Cream I used for the base, kind of screwed this shadow up. Something smoother will work better with this shadow.

I haven’t tried them with a mixing medium either, so can’t report on that.
I think that the concept is great, I like that it is in a black casing (I am a sucker for black or silver casing). However it is a tad bulky, and for those who have a billion things in their MU bag, it really isn’t beneficial to have something that is bulky. It isn’t a pain, but just noting that. I know most people won’t have issues with it. This quad could have been a little more smoother, but still a decent quad to work with. I might have had more to say if it wasn’t my most avoided colours (blues), but I do like using the lighter and the darker colour.

Anyway, that is that.
What do you think??
Would you check out the quads at this price point? Are there any quads that appeal to you at first glace?


2 thoughts on “New Marcelle Eye Shadows Quads…

  1. I live in California; I’ve never seen these sold around here. I love them and I’d like to play with ALL of them! :)
    Your Moody Blues eye look is gorgeous!

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