How I Try to “Beat the Heat”: Body Edition

I did a face edition HERE, but this is the follow up…the Body!

How to Beat the Heat: Body edition

Well the best way to beat it, is to avoid going out. But seeing as I cannot really declare that I will be hibernating the rest of the summer…I guess these are some ways I try to keep cool…


1) Facial water mist, Evian or Avene
These guys are nice, especially when you are sweating up a storm. I liked using them while I was playing softball, as it just gave my face a bit of a refresher. Plus if you close your eyes and imagine real hard, you can place yourself on a boat on the ocean. The waves kicking a water mist into your face xD A can of Avene is approximately $20, but get them when they are on sale. They are also good to help soothe sun burns!

2) Baby Wipes
I used to buy a box of these from Walmart in September during their anniversary sale, but I found (through my practicum’s with the kiddies), that the Costco Kirkland brand was even better, (far softer and without the slight filmy feeling.) You can get a box for just over $20. I take a few with me in a ziplock back (as it would be a pain to carry a whole pack of these in my bag), and take it out to de-gross (lol yes…I am aware that this is not really a word…) my flipflop feet. You can also use them for other situations, but I use them for my feet more, and BeautyGeek sums is up perfectly HERE as the 6th tip.

3) Sunblock (small purple-ish container)
I decant a bit of the Shiseido (enough for like 2 days, as I don’t want it to get all messed up while I carry it around), into a container and tote it with me. You will always need to apply when you go out, so might as well. I don’t like carrying the whole huge tube, but this still reminds me to take it with me.

4) Hand fan (I couldn’t find mine for the photo. I think I left it in my friends car after the wedding >_ Cooling body lol I get them from Chinatown for about a buck.

5) Hair accessories
Bobby Pins and a hair elastic is a must to have with you. There will be times where you will be stuck on a super hot bus, or area, and it will be a blessing to have your hair off the nape of your neck. So toting them around will help. I just buy those cheap outless elastics from dollarama, got a box of bobby pins from BSO and put them in a tin in my MU Bag. Tada! Lately though, I have them in this pencil case with a teasing comb (I picked this up at Sally’s Beauty Supply), banana clip (sometimes I prefer this), with my Goody Screw Pins.
Some days I will tote the travel Batiste (I think this was like $6) with me as well. Depends on if I need to look decent for something. My hair gets way out of control when it is hot (dark hair = sun attracter), so I try to fix the damage with this.

6) Underarm guards (in the form of deodorant or antiperspirant)
Cannot stress how important this is. I go for the clinical ones, as I find that it does help me out a lot, but I do swipe on a layer of regular deo as well in the morning.

7) Hand Sanitizer
Hands just get frigging grimy in the heat, so I have my mini sanitizers from BBW (I got it from the outlet, I think 3/$1). Now when I use these, all I think about is my First Aid trainer saying that anything less than 90% alcohol is useless, but shush you! I need it! xD

Other things to note would be to carry about a hat with you. I saw this AWESOME cheap one from BeautyGeek HERE that is from Joe Fresh! $9 for a hat is a great price. Otherwise Winners did have ones that were the same, but foldable. Thus making it tote-able. You could carry around a light coloured umbrella. I do have my yellow one sometimes, but because I feel like everyone is staring at me (which they probably are…) I don’t use it too often. You can also keep your feet fresh by using inserts. I saw these at Dollarama, and I know that Mira@babybubblz uses the leather ones. Anything that helps to ventilate and draw sweat away, while keeping your feet smelling good, is a help in this weather as well.


OOPS! I also forgot a big one.

STAY HYDRATED! Taking care of the outside is important, but taking care of the inside is VITAL! So drink up, and replenish the water loss from sweating :P

Some are a bit obvious, well almost all are on my list, but this is how I beat the heat. This is the best that I can do when I hate the humidity, and just don’t usually deal well with heat.

What do you do for your body to help you beat the heat?


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