My brother was in Norway a few months back for training.

Unfortunately he didn’t get to enjoy his time there on his breaks, but he did bring me back a little gift.

Well actually this isn’t the one he brought for me, this is the one he decided to keep for himself.

So here is Mr Moose.

When the guys saw this in the gas station (yes that where he bought his souveniers lol they didn’t have time, and when they did, everything was closed -___-) my brother decided to buy it for the sheer insanity of it.


I mean come on!
Why does it have ridiculously long arms?!
And no the hands are not magnetized, otherwise I wouldn’t have thought this to be so crazy.

Anyway when he showed me this, I was laughing so hard. It’s not a completely hilarious thing, but it just made me laugh so much.

When I realized that I could rotate the arms, I turned them…and realized you could PULL THEM THROUGH!



We still don’t understand the idea behind this concept, but it was interesting.

And look!
It has a belly button!! xD

So that concludes my ridiculous encounter with a very weird stuff toy.

Happy Canada Day everyone!
I will be recovering from a wedding the night before, but have fun all!


One thought on “Norway~

  1. Happy Canada Day! :)
    Oooohhh I don’t understand how you need to pull the legs that long! hahahah must be for kids who would like to pull their stuffed toys? :) Nevertheless Li’l moose is very cute!

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