Bookworming: I’ve Got Your Number – Sophie Kinsella


I’ve always had a soft spot of Sophie Kinsella. I have several of her books, and even won a giveaway for a prize package of her Shopaholic series (which is now actually my least favourite of her books), one of which was signed. Well she signed a sticker, and it was stuck into the book…so it’s not like she actually touched the book…lol

And it is exactly because of this soft spot for her books, I go back, despite the annoyance I have with the female characters who invest in someone, while they are dating/seeing/engaged to someone else.

This is yet another one of those books…however the little things temporarily make me disregard that, and move along into enjoying the book for what it is.

For example…this section of the book…

I don’t know what I’m doing. I don’t know where I’m going with this.

Except…I do. Of course I do. Because as his hands gently cup my waist, I don’t make a sound. And as his stubble rasps my face, I don’t make a sound. I don’t need to. We’re still talking. Every touch he makes, every imprint of his skin is like another word, another thought, a continuation of our conversation. And we’re not done yet.

Not yet.
(Mini background on this, they are simply embracing in the middle of a random foresty outdoors, not in bed. lol)

She tends to have these moments throughout the book, that end up drawing me in, and making you care for her characters. I know others may not get the same vibe, but it is Chick Lit, and well, I needed some of this in my life! (Especially with all the engagements going on on my Facebook, and all the weddings that are coming up…)

Lets get back to the book.

It is a story about a gal, Poppy, who has found herself in one of the most feared situations besides being left at the alter; to lose her engagement ring. To be specific, an emerald sandwiched by two diamonds.

In her case, it’s even worse, as it was an heirloom; a piece that has been in the family for three generations. Talk about pressure.
And of course, the universe seems to hate her, as the same day she loses the ring, and after she has given her cell number out to everyone possible at the location…her phone is snatched from her hand, from an assailant on a bike.

However, I guess the universe felt bad, as she finds a phone in the trash!

She redistributes this new number, and eagerly awaits the call, announcing that her ring has been found, but it doesn’t really play out that way. She receives a call from the owner, asking for it back. In an effort to salvage what is left of this insane day, she pleads for a temporary loan of the phone, and manages to get the temporary consent of Sam, the owner (or rather the boss, and the phone belonged to his PA).

Now you can only imagine what happens with two individuals sharing a phone.

I mean can you imagine sharing a phone?

I have a friend who actually erases EVERY thing she receives on her phone (incoming calls, text messages). She even goes as far to erase emails as she receives them.

One of my other friends had passworded everything possible on her phone, to prevent her parents from accidentally (they liked to pry, as any parent does,) discovering something contained in it.

I have a lot of text message conversations in my phone, and hold a lot of pictures.

So…to share a phone? No way dude, get your own sandwich…I mean get your own phone!

But these two do exactly that. I mean a normal person wouldn’t be so willing to agree to such terms, but when it is being held ransom, I guess they wouldn’t have a choice…I guess?

Regardless it was an interesting read. The mini twist and suspense that was built from

If enjoy chic lit, this might be something to check out. It might not be the best (personally I loved Can You Keep a Secret more than this one), but it still was a fairly interesting read.



(In other news, I am currently at a wedding. Highschool friend. Congrats C&T on your union :P)


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