American Apparel Nail Polish

So many moons ago, I bought one of those online deal things for 5 AA polishes for $15.
A steal that I couldn’t pass up.

This was my haul…


I went a little nuts in my pictures…lol


Here are my nails with Pink Ladies and Super Nova as my accent nail…

AA polishes vary in terms of the formula. I LOVED Berry, and still do. I like using Hassid for nail stamping. I have a yellow (buttercreme?) that a friend gave me, and omg that thing is brutal! To even it out, I need to use 3 layers, and that is only AFTER I am being very careful. But it is a lovely colour so I stick with it. The glitters are actually quite awesome, one of the newer additions to the collection. I’d say for the price I paid for them ($3+tax) it is decent, and wouldn’t mind buying a bunch more at that price. In general at reg price, I would do some research on the colours I should avoid because they can be finicky.

You can find them HERE on their website as singles
You can find them HERE as packs of 3


8 thoughts on “American Apparel Nail Polish

  1. I totally bought 5 for $15 too hahaaa. I think the packaging is the best because they are so compact! The polishes itself is comparable to some of my other fav polishes so that’s a plus. I don’t think I would buy them at reg. price tho :s Maybe i’m just too cheap haha.

    • TRUE! I bought a helmer and they look so much nicer inside than that other polishes~ if I could have my way, I would so make it a law to have only square/rectangle polishes xD

      and no…I have issues with buying them at regular price. I think they went up a few bucks too. I could have sworn they were $6 before…

  2. I didn’t buy the 5 for $15 and am still kicking myself over it -_________- I have the yellow one that you’re talking about, it’s called Butter, and despite the gnarly application, it is an awesome pastel yellow that remind me of fluffy little chicks on top of an easter egg. I can’t say no to that.

    • I keep hoping they bring it back >_<
      true, it was the only nice pastel yellow. Looked decent on my nails~
      I did pick up a Sally Hansen on recently as well, but again that formula was a bit weird, so I prefer the AA to that one

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