How I Try to “Beat the Heat”: Face Edition

So the weather has been a little hot…
Luckily it has been more on the drier side of heat…

Well I posted this on Instagram as I was heading out, cause I had just wanted to share what I do to keep my face from sliding off!

I’m going to go in order of application (so my process…)

1) CoverFx Skin Prep
I had been using the one for problematic skin but this is expiring quite soon, so this has been in my daily rotation. As soon as I am out of the shower, I rub a pea size amount on to my face, and let it sink in. I basically use it as a moisturizer.
Quick note: Did you know you can use this one as a night serum as well?!? I didn’t know! Even though the instructions on the back clearly state this! So this has helped me use this up faster :)

2) Shiseido Ultra Sun Protection Lotion
Sunblock is a must all year long, but I have slacked in that category. I know. When it calls for some hardcore protection, I steal this from mom and slap it on. I do this about 10-15 mins after I have rubbed in the CoverFx. The formula absorbs quite well into my skin, and doesn’t leave it feeling gross, which is one of the reasons why my mother has used this line for many many many many years.

3) Marcelle BB Cream NEW SPF formula (making it a true BB Cream finally xD)
Well I don’t like to put on something too thick when the weather is hot, so I grab for something that will even out the skin tone, but is light enough not to slide off the face. That is where the BB comes in handy. I have used other ones where they are quite thick, and use them for nights when I want to ensure they stay put. This is the same, except that it is lighter in coverage, but it stays put!

4) CoverFx MatteFx
I then use a brush to pat it onto my oily areas (T-Zone, chin etc etc). I find that this helps as an extra layer to keep my oilies at bay, until I have to run to the washroom for a touch up. I really like using this product and am on my second one. They last awhile, and they easily tote-able. Major plus.

5) Benefit Creaseless Cream Shadow in RSVP
I want a bit of shimmer, but nothing too insane. So I apply a little all over the lid, and voila I am done.

6) Annabelle Smoothie
The black wasn’t the best experience for me, and I tended to stay away from them for a bit…until I tried out the other colours…and that was the end of that. I was completely hooked! For me, all the non-matte ones (which is all except the black) last quite well in this heat! I use this to line my upper lash line. I line it a little thicker as I am forgoing the shadow, and lightly dab it on the outer lower lash line for more definition.

7) If I feel like it at this point, this is where I would reach for my mascara. But lately I’ve just been curling, and then leaving it at that. No surprise, I should be using a waterproof one, but alas I don’t. I would usually reach for the Marcelle Xtension, but I need to pick up a new one soon, as the one I am using is at the end of its life line. I waited too long and it is now drying up on me.

I would usually add eye primer, lips, brows, highlighter…but in the heat, I just get way to lazy. Plus I got bangs now and that really helps me out lol.

Anyway, other than the insanity that is my oily nose, the rest of my face looks relatively great til I get home. Which I am thankful for, as I keep running into this one cute guy on the subway xD

Is there anything you need to have on your face in the extreme heat? What are you willing to compromise on?


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