Nasty, but an issue with the nose that needs to be dealt with…

I could be off, but if I remember correctly, I tried the Biore Nose Strips back in the late 90’s, 98 I believe. My acne in my pre-teen years was a bit of a joke, and my nose was where I was dealt the most annoyance.

My mother and I enjoyed the satisfaction that it gave us, but then stopped using it cause we heard that it would enlarge your pores. Well, needless to say, I went back to it a decade later, except it was too pricey for me to keep up. So when news hit the blogging world of the Daiso product, I was in awe. Luckily I made friends with awesome people who hooked me up~ (I mention the package I received HERE)

I enjoyed using the Daiso product, just not when I was near my monthly. My skin would be extra sensitive, and I would have an reaction to it. My skin would be inflamed for a few days, and was a pain to wait through. So I timed it so I would avoid future situations. (Though as Nunu said, it worked better. This one can be up and down. The Daiso one was a tad more consistent.)

Then I remembered my mini hauling of the Face Shop black head masks…

Face Shop Nose Clay Mask

And it is those that I continue to use now. (I really hoarded when I was there >;_<; like a lot. meaning 5 tubes…thats after a sold a few…)

The tube is 50g, and was I believe approx $4CAN. As with the Daiso, I find that you may want to lay it on a bit thick to ensure you get a good results, just not too thick that it never dries.

Face Shop Nose Clay Mask


  1. wash face
  2. wipe nose down with a bit of rubbing alcohol on cotton pad (This is very optional, I just wanted to ensure a firm, barrier free, application of the product. This is really an excessive step for this, and not actually necessary for normal folk)
  3. spread light-medium layer of the product, while rubbing it into the gunky pores
  4. applying ore product onto of the initial layer
  5. ensure that you do not have too much product in the little crevice between the nose and the face (otherwise it doesn’t dry, and just ruins it when you pull it off)
  6. leave on the nose untl it is rough to the touch. It says 15 mins, but I have left it on for almost 30 once. Really depends. Just make sure it isn’t sticky or mushy, otherwise it won’t have any strength when you pull it off
  7. peel from the outside edges of the nose or cheeks, depending on where you applied it, just a bit.
  8. peel from bottom up as much as possible
  9. stare at the peel in your hand, and marvel in the awesomeness that is the gunk in your nose
  10. wipe down with a wet cloth/baby wipe
  11. (optional) apply a masque, I usually opt for Queen Helene Mint Julep Masques

Personally I am a fan of these nose-de-gunking products, but I know it has its pros and cons.

Pros would be that it is cheap, and well just so dang fun to stare at when you pull it off

Click for the picture on Flickr. I warn you, these shots can get gross. I know. But its there.

Cons would be that it isn’t available in Canada, and well it can be a bit temperamental (There are days where is works stupendously, and other where I pull out maybe 10-15). Mom did it once, and almost nothing came out.

But for the price point, I have fun with it, so I am satisfied.

Have you tried it? Any tips you have?

EDIT Aug2012: I needed to add this as I have done this a few times. If you wear glasses all day, as I do, you may want to avoid spreading the peel on the area the glasses nose pads rest on. I find that the skin is already softened due to the pressure and oils in the skin. Thus the peel uses it to its advantage and tears the skin a bit when you peel it off. I have torn the skin off a little, or the skin just cracks. Not extremely painful, but how wants to go through that. I think this issue applies more to the warmer weather seasons, as I didn’t have any issues before. I actually don’t know. But I thought I’d write this as a caution

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  1. you have to show the end product man!! lol
    I really wanna see this thing working so that I can get some too.. if it’s possible >.<

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