Book Worming: Rick Riordan Olympian Demigod Series

Rick Riordan

Last spring (2011), I was craving an outlet that would allow me to survive the insanity that my practicum was putting me through. I knew that I didn’t have much time to read something that required a lot of thought, and energy, so off to the children’s section I went. I like reading children’s books, as it allows me to a) bond with the students on a literary level, and b) allows me to read and have fun. They are typically light, straight forward, and just have such an interesting twist in imagination to them, it is really hard to stay away.

Well luckily I came across the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series, and BAM, it was over.


I had thought that this wouldn’t be bad…I would read one and I would be fine.

But I ended up reading it straight, late into the night, and immediately put the next books on hold. I actually ended up reading the third book before the second, because it arrived to my library first. THEN I went back and read them in the proper order! lol

It was insanity. I ended up hunting down the rest of the books on my own, from different libraries, as it was taking too long for the holds to go through at the library. It was summer break by then, and well I can understand that kids want to read the books!

In the early fall, I had finished the books, but then craved more. MORE!

It just wanted enough…

I thought my life was doomed…(overly dramatic…I know…)

Until Thursday…I strolled into the library, just to kill time…and BAM!

I noticed another book by Riordan…



The problem is I stayed awake all night (again) reading…only to realize that there are several books in the series…two of which will be released in the next 2.5 years! AHHHHH

Note to self: Check to see if the series is complete,
THEN attempt to read them,
otherwise I will go through the Christopher Paolini issue all over again.

Anyway, the point is, I really enjoyed the series.

Basically we follow Percy Jackson, a student struggling with the changes of teenhood, and ADHD. Except everything changes when he is being hunted by beasts he knows shouldn’t exist, and who claim that he is the lightening thief!

So we follow him through his journey of growing up, accepting his place, and accepting his lineage…which is of the Greek origin.

As I have always been interested in Greek Mythology, I was quite entertained by the book, and like to go back to them once in awhile, just for fun. I mean I would probably buy a hardcover set for my collection eventually…I like it that much.

Anyway, if you happen to like Greek Mythology, kids stepping up to take their role in the world, and just want a fun read, I would suggest you check out the summaries for the books at Amazon. You never know, the books may surprise you as they had me!

Is there any children/teen series that you like to read or found worth reading as an adult? Let me know :)

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