Essie Torquoise & Caicos

So I was invited to attend the Group Marcelle event in Toronto yesterday, and that meant that I needed something fun on my nails. Currently, fun = Essie Torquoise and Caicos!

This picture is from a few months ago, where I dotted a yellow American Apparel polish as my accent nail, but last night I used the splatter konad stamp and stamped it in a pink.

Twas fun.

Plus the colour is always fun :)

Just a side note, it is more greeny than minty. I just couldn’t capture it correctly. You can check out googles images here

Essie Torquoise & Caicos

Essie Torquoise & Caicos

<a href="httpEssie Torquoise & Caicos://” title=”Essie Torquoise & Caicos by Rasilla, on Flickr”>Essie Torquoise & Caicos

Also check out my previous post for a mini giveaway :)


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