My Jacob Online Experience…

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Several weeks back, I was just doing what I do best…browsing online stores. I had stumbled across this item at Jacob, and had tweeted about the item.

This doesn’t happen much for me, but the company saw, and I was offered an opportunity to play around with it. (Which made me ridiculously excited, as I have shopped with Jacob for years. I remember in grade 8 I bought this top. I went to church, being all excited, and then saw another girl with the same one in grey. I was sad as I wanted to buy the grey but they didn’t have my size, so I went with blue. Well it was good I went with the blue, as later on, after a game of basketball, you could see the sweat seep through. I think that is when I started avoiding wearing light grey >_<)

After this and that, it turned into an opportunity to try out their online store instead, which was a delight. One of the main reasons I started this blog, other than to document a few personal things…was to also document online experiences, music and books. So to try out something, that took me back to my “roots” was fun to do.

I was given credit to use on the store, and set to work.

Jacob Online Website

Jacob Online Website
Jacob Online Website
The have a looks section on the site, where they feature different looks with their products. The summer one isn’t as interesting to view as its just a piece with jewlery, but the previous colder weather looks were of some help. Helps you decide if you want to invest in it, or if you can make it fit into your current wardrobe.

After a (sum total of a) few hours of browsing, I was able to decide on a black polka dot dress, and the pink scarf. Picking the scarf was hard, as I wasn’t sure if I should go with the yellow or the pink. I think one thing that would have helped is to see the scarf in the actual designs, rather than defaulting to the yellow. I looked up pictures online, and saw another person with the striped scarf, and after seeing the ways to wear it, I knew the striped one wasn’t for me.

Anyway in my excitement, I went ahead, plugged in my code, and was on my way to check out.

Unfortunately that is where I messed up.

You see, as I was about to put in my credit card number, I remembered I forgot to add nail polish. I had wanted to try them out.

So in a flurry, I either pressed something (cancel), though I do recall pressing the upper category to take me to polish.

That was a mistake as well, it lead to the cancellation of my order.

And invalidated my one time use code -_____-

I emailed customer service to see if they could help me out. I wrote them Tuesday 8:20pmish, so we will see how long it takes.

I did get an automated reply to let me know that my inquiry had been received, and that they would reply in 5 business days. 5 seems like a lot, but then again I have to remember this is a Canada based company, meaning less people, and that not as many people venture out into the online shopping world (I mean in comparison to the US).

Luckily that was just a precautionary measure. I ended up getting an email the next day. One thing that was interesting, was that all the interactions you have with CS will take place on the website. Replies do not come to your email, but you receive an email that you have received a reply. I’m not a huge fan of that, as it leads to minor detours…(browsing more than I would want…)

After another minor issue, I finally was able to put in my order last Thursday (around 2:30pm).

I received a preliminary email stating my purchase order.

Then I received the invoice in a PDF attachment in another email.

Then Friday (about 3:00pm) I received another email stating my order has been shipped.

Now THAT is how things are supposed to be in Canada, I shouldn’t have to wait for your company to get your act together to get my products (Yes I’m looking at you Matt and Nat. I will have that full online experience up next week. I’m still seething in annoyance with them…)

Anyway, it was shipped as expedited post and arrived to my doorstep just before noon Monday morning.

Jacob Online Website
Jacob Online Website
The website features a sale page (which is always fun to browse no matter what site you go to…) and I think they have a new promo every week! So you can find that there as well.
Jacob Online Website
Did you know that Jacob sells perfume, lip products, and nail polish??

So What?

Well, the items were individually wrapped, delicates were bubble wrapped, and I picked up a bra that was put in a box so it wouldn’t get squished! Last time I bought it online, it was just tossed into the bag with the rest of the items. It may seem like over kill to some, but I liked that extra measure of caution.

The online store is relatively new, if I go by the press info given on the website. It only started October of 2011! But that doesn’t mean that they slack in anyway way. Their free shipping started at $100, and they charge $9 for unders under $100. They provide labels to ship the products back to them, if you needed to for whatever reason, but there is a $5 charge for return restocking fees. If you want to skip that, you can take it to a store. You can see full details HERE.

They have Gift Cards for the store, but they do not apply to the online store. Would be nice if they did though! I’d be nice for any company to provide that option (*ahem* Sephora… I’m nudging you here).

Now for what I ordered.


polish (Retro Chic) in a colour that really doesn’t appear in my vast collection.

lip duo in Pop Allure to give to a friend to review for me (I like her lips better xD)

cardigan to see how it would look

bra (cause it was cheap! and they had my size xD plus I’m told by a friend they are comfy)

and then I picked up several multiway scarves (blue is for a friend who is to model for me, and for an extra pink for me. OMG I chose pink! -___-)

Anyway, guess what?

I was provided this opportunity to try out the store, and it didn’t seem right to keep it to myself, so I ordered extras of the scarves to share with my readers.

So here is the deal. I picked up a Pink Scarf and Striped Scarf. There will be two winners. I will most likely ship this as letter mail…as it will fit in the under $2 requirement, and open this up to more people around CANADA.

Screen shot 2012-06-11 at 11.16.45 PM


  • Canada only (sorry everyone else)
  • There will be two winners, the first winner will get to pick which scarf they want first (pink or striped)
  • The contest will end Friday 15th, around 9pm EST.
  • Once the package leaves my hands, I cannot be held responsible for what happens to it. Especially if I do chose to go the lettermail route which is not trackable (You all know how insane Canada Post is)
  • Please leave a comment stating “which way you are more likely to wear the scarf” in this post to enter. (You can check out the Jacob blog for ways to wear it HERE). You also need to leave a way for me to contact you

Thanks for reading, and have fun :)

*Pictures of the Jacob website are screen shots.
I was provided with the opportunity to select a few goodies to receive,
and paid $17 out of my own pocket*

Thanks to the company for the opportunity to play around with the website. Restored my faith in Canadian Company values and responsibility to their customers after the horrendous one with M&N.


6 thoughts on “My Jacob Online Experience…

  1. Dude I’ve been eyeing the same scarf. It’s awesome how they offered to let you try out their online shop.
    Oh yes, there was a contest xD
    I’d wear it the way the yellow scarf is worn in the first style – as a cowl neck poncho type thing as it is bitterly cold in my office with the ac on -____-

  2. Funny thing, I was looking at Jacob’s website just yesterday and thinking about getting the pink scarf myself! I like how it looks as a cape and bolero. Thanks for hosting!

  3. I’d wear it as a poncho or infinity scarf… but I haven’t tried it on in store so I can’t really determine based on the pics :)


  4. Dunno what the style name is called, but I would wear it like the blue one in the picture. Its fun looking but still covers up.
    Thanks for the giveaway^___^

  5. Hi!
    I’d wear like a shawl, or a scarf. But I checked the website link and would wear it like the halter top as well

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