Trying to restrain myself from the online Matt and Nat outlet sale

I thought I would mention that with the ridiculous CS I received for the items lies about products being shipped out the next day, and having to call when they didn’t. Got a call saying they were sorry for the lie, told again they would express ship it. They didn’t. Then emailed me telling me that their President would call and apologize, so if they could set up a time to call me? Yup nope. Didn’t care for that. Their products are lovely, but was not impressed with all the underhanded talk about my purchases. I will not buy from Matt and Nat directly from their site again. I will also never buy them full price, as I cannot justify supporting a company that does not stick by their word to the customer. I unfortunately had a bad experience with them, but if you do venture in to them, hope that you will be luckier**

So last weekend, I caught wind of the Matt and Nat online sale through RedFlagDeals.

I couldn’t help it. Especially when I saw the prices and the bags/wallets.

I am due to buy a new clutch, so I got a wallet that could double as one, which was the Loren. I picked this one cause I wanted a compartment that would allow me to stash my phone, and not lose it. This was perfect as it had a snap to keep the area closed.

I got two of the pebble wallets, as they were small and cute. Yeah, no other reason lol.

I contemplated getting Audrey, Jools, and the Jorja Lg, but in the end I just couldn’t justify spending more money. The total came to about $76, and I waited.

I got an email May 23 about the ship notification. It said I should receive it May 24. However May 24, I got another email, saying the package was finally received, and would arrive May 25. I wish Canada Post would differentiate the two, as the first email was just about the fact that a tracking number was issued, not that it was actually received.

I woke up Friday, went about my morning routine, and then at 11am checked my email. Apparently Canada Post had “tried” to deliver the package, and took it back to the postal office. WHAT THE FRIG? I was at home, so why didn’t I hear this supposed delivery? Canada Post is such a disappointment. Or this delivery individual is. I used to always get my mail, and ALWAYS have two rings before the gave up to leave.

So I just picked up my package…

Except as I was walking back to the car, I realized that this package was just too small to house my items.

I tore it open to realize that…I was only shipped the Loren wallet.

Now here is where I am annoyed.

On Tuesday, I found out that BeyondTheRack had a sale on Matt and Nat items. And it just so happened that had I bought with BTR, I would have saved $40, even with the shipping fees! The Loren wallet that was featured on the Matt and Nat website was $45, and it was $15 on BTR.

Obviously that sucks. I mean, I could have bought another bag! lol

I wasn’t too impressed with Matt and Nat then. I also could not cancel or return my package as it was final sale on sale items.

So it was such a disappointment that I got ONLY the Loren, the wallet I would have rather NOT received.

But here is the kicker. There was no mention of this. I should have been notified that they would ship separately, or if they were OOS. I assume they are being shipped separately as my VISA was fully charged.

In regards to the price difference, I have come more to terms with it, as I am trying to think of it as I still got a bargain. Just would have been nice to buy more for the same value. Plus it is vegan, though I don’t care terribly about it, it makes me feel a little like I’m doing a small part (lol).

I’ve emailed them, so I hope I hear from them on Monday. I really did want those two wallets >_<

Anyway, here are pictures of the wallet.

It arrived in a 100% biodegradable shipping baggie, which is consistent to their company.

Online Matt and Nat order
The box was wrapped in their signature paper, I guess to protect the box?

Online Matt and Nat order
Online Matt and Nat order
Online Matt and Nat order

Here is the bag, I do love it~
Online Matt and Nat order
Online Matt and Nat order
My iPhone fits just right into it.

Online Matt and Nat order
Online Matt and Nat order
There is a zippered compartment on the back.

Online Matt and Nat order
Online Matt and Nat order
Made in China, for some reason I thought it was in Canada…
The bag has two flaps, the first flap would be where I would put my phone.

Online Matt and Nat order
Online Matt and Nat order
The second flap is the wallet area. It folds down to reveal the pockets and card slots.

Online Matt and Nat order
Online Matt and Nat order
This card was tucked into the wallet card slots.

Online Matt and Nat order
The upper part of the wallet has two bill areas.

Online Matt and Nat order
The lower part has three bill areas.

Online Matt and Nat order
Thickness without the phone….
Online Matt and Nat order
Thickness with the phone inside…

Online Matt and Nat order
It has a decent weight to it, and though I wish it had a wrist strap, I do like it.

Anyway if you haven’t checked out BeyondTheRack, do so as the sale ends soon (2 days). You can click HERE for a referral link, so go to


One thought on “Trying to restrain myself from the online Matt and Nat outlet sale

  1. 대박….. 예쁜데 -0-
    이런 나쁜놈!! 다음번에는 같이 사자고!!! ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
    well…. if I have… mon…e…y……. lol

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