Book Worming: Far Away Across the Sea

*I wrote this back in April, 19th to be exact, the day I finished. I had meant to
post it then, but…yeah…the same excuse T___T*

Far Away Across the Sea – Toon Tellegen

Too Tellegen Wiki Poetry Internationl Article Amazon Link

Dear Squirrel,
I don’t know how I’m doing.
Do you?

Dear Squirrel,
I don’t know either. But if you go outside later
and sit at the very end of the large branch, I’ll say something
to you. I…

The squirrel carefully folded up the letter and put it away in the bottom drawer of his cupboard. The mirror was hanging on the wall above it, but it was dark and he could not make out his own reflection. He went outside to sit on the very end of the large branch to hear what he had to say. His heart thumped.

“Shh,” he said.

It’s interesting. Such a little simple beginning, and yet, it really rustled my inner most thoughts.

Before I get into the brain ramblings, I just want to mention that this was such a cute read. I enjoyed it, and as it was light, it was easy to read quickly (but you won’t want to). The illustrations were done with such a delicacy, that it would feel odd to read this book without them. Yes it is a book for children, but even as an adult, it can still a few things in our heads, and help us to sort things out as well.

As of today, I have finished my academic session for this diploma, and have eagerly waited for this day. For the last 16 months, I have endured a lot, complained a lot, cringed with frustration, and learned a few things.

This program broke me on some levels, and shattered other beliefs I had about schooling. The program tried to bend me to grovel, and tried to treat me as a child. It forced me to tolerate idiocy while I was in the midst of morons, and taught me to try and see things in a different light when it comes to those same individuals.

But in the end, I came out with two things.

One, I love working with children, and they were the reason for me getting through some of the unnecessary pressure I had to face. They were the ones that helped me to put on a smile, and endure the stupidity that was thrown my way, and to overcome the bias and ignorance I face from faculty and teachers.

Two, unfortunately, no matter how I wish it not to be true, there are teachers out there that lap up praise, relish suck ups, and hold biases for their precious favourites. It is exactly those individuals who made my last 8 months quite the disappointment.

However, as long as I passed the test I wrote on Tuesday, I will receive my diploma in July, when they mail it to me (after missing convocation, as I have no desire to attend).

Now…I hope, I can carefully attend to the hastily mended battle scars (both mental and physical) from this diploma, and recover my sense of self.

I know, you are probably thinking, “My goodness is she a drama queen.”

Perhaps, but as I have neglected to properly care for myself, it is something I need to do.

Maybe I won’t exactly sit on the large branch of a tree, but I will find a place I can be with my thoughts, and break down this past year.

In the end, I say this.

Don’t compromise your beliefs for the stupidity of others.

And ensure that you take care of your own self, heart and mind against those who do not realize the damage they are creating.

*Pats self on back* good job on not succumbing to the lowly ways…and for seeing this through…

Now lets figure out what is to come next…


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