Cheapie Elf Brow Kit…

So long ago, when elf cosmetics had a sale, I bought a bunch of random products.

Specific to this post, I bought the Eyebrow Lifter and Filler, and the Eyebrow Kit.

For me, the Lifter and Filler was a true dud. The Filler part of the pencil just wasn’t solid enough for me to work with, and ended up a complete mess on my brows. The concept is interesting, but on my oily face, it just didn’t seem to hold up, nor could I make it work for myself.

But the Eyebrow Kit was another story.

e.l.f Brow Kit
e.l.f Brow Kit
e.l.f Brow Kit
e.l.f Brow Kit
(I saw ditch the brush, but my friend likes it so YMMV)

e.l.f Brow Kit
e.l.f Brow Kit

And I can’t believe it has taken this long for me to mention it, as this is the second one I am going through. I was actually reminded of this from Babybubblz post HERE when she mentioned it in her favourites. Then I realized I hadn’t written about this.

So brows are a huge must for me. Like a major deal for me.

Once during the earlier years of undergrad, I had a brow pencil I kept in my wallet for emergency situations (which basically meant days I ran out of the house cause I didn’t set my alarm clock correctly, and had to draw them in on the bus ride to school. Yes I was one of those girls…). No matter what, even if I don’t have anything else done, I NEED to have my brows done. It started in early middle of 2002, and has been going on every since. And thank goodness, as brows really do change everything. Ladies, if you are blessed by natural lovely brows, I am envious. For those who aren’t, all is not lost. Just got to do a bit of trial and error for your perfect set.

(another side story, I was drawing my brows in the car once, as my mother was dropping me off at the terminal to get on the Mississauga bus. She said something, and I talked to her, then got out of the car…I didn’t realize until I paid my ticket, got a weird look, and sat down. I had forgotten to draw my other brow…>_<)

For the most part, I tote this around with me, as the powder can double as a shadow in emergency situations. But I rotate using this, and the Annabelle Single Shadow in So Foxy.

Moving along…

$3.00USD is a small price to pay, and you can get it even cheaper when they have random sales of 20-50% off on their website. You can find them sometimes at Winners, but YMMV.

I have the Dark version, but may try out the Ash next time, or maybe medium, as I found that Dark was a little too dark for me.

I don’t use the brush that comes with the kit, as I find it a little too stiff for the gel, and a little too flimsy for the powder. The gel doesn’t really hold the hairs in place, rather it seems to provide a base for the powder to grab on to. At least for me it doesn’t hold in place…

I apologize for my bare brow closeups. My brows are not the loveliest things and there were quite neglected when I took this photo. Unfortunately didn’t occur to me to fix that up before I shot the pictures… -___-

e.l.f Brow Kit
e.l.f Brow Kit
e.l.f Brow Kit
e.l.f Brow Kit

I flipped a picture of my right brow so I could make a pseudo before and after picture of my brows lol

e.l.f Brow Kit

What is your go to brow powder?
I am always on a lookout for another good one I can hoard, just in case I never find a good one for the rest of my life lol


4 thoughts on “Cheapie Elf Brow Kit…

    • I’ve always wanted to try it, and tempted to buy the mini kit that was on sale at sephora several times, but never did…still wish I did lol

    • I only use pencils in emergency, cause to be honest, I suck at drawing my brows in with a pencil. Wish I could though, cause it is more convenient to tote around.

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