Annabelle Aqua Queen Pt 1

So early last week, I got a surprise in my mailbox, which is always a great way to start the week :)

This is what it contained…

Annabelle LE Collection
Annabelle LE Collection

I’m still playing with the bronzer, so that will be up later. For now we will be focusing on the palette.

Annabelle LE Collection

The swatch above the watermark is without a primer, whereas the bottom part of the swatch is with primer (UDPP in this case).

Annabelle LE Collection
Annabelle LE Collection
Annabelle LE Collection
Annabelle LE Collection

So what do I think?
Well for the most part, I think that this is a fun palette. I like that it has a variety of colours, making it something easier to reach for. I also like that it is geared towards people like me, who love shimmer. Though bad, I am a huge fan of using my hands/fingers to work with my eyes. Bad, I know. But nevertheless I do. But these babies won’t work with you if you choose to go that savage route. You will need a brush, or else you get a much sheerer look, which really undermines the palette. So use a shadow brush, or use the sponge tip applicator that it comes with (but even then, I suggest patting it on with that applicator, I found that it would rub off too much of the colour). The black is a matte, which I found to be a bit of a pain to work with. So instead of using it full on, only as a regular black shadow, I used it for a outer corner darkener-ma-jig. Yup. For approximately ~$13CAN, it isn’t a bad thing to want, though if you are not a fan of shimmer, this probably isn’t for you, but you never know right?!

Next we have a few pictures of combinations used with the palette. With my monolid, I prefer to use the horizontal gradient.

Annabelle LE Collection
Annabelle LE Collection
Annabelle LE Collection
Annabelle LE Collection

So what do you think?
Would you check out the palette?

*Product was sent for review consideration, thoughts are my own

5 thoughts on “Annabelle Aqua Queen Pt 1

    • it is nice~ but HUGE lol I have 5 bronzer’s in rotation at the moment…taking forever to even make a dent in them~

  1. ooh…. this kind of palette is something I want to get….
    as you know, I was searching for a palette since…. you know lol.
    The size of each color is not that big so suitable for a person like me who does not wear make up very often….lol. 이쁘다 이뻐~ 다음번에는 나도 알려주오!!

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