Panera Pastry Ring…excuse me while I drool…

For the longest time, I have heard about Panera bread.

Well I heard it from my friend H, and she mentioned it when we were at Square One.

Then I had a classmate, who is a transplant from NJ, and she spoke about how much her daughter and her missed Panera breads. Then one day, as I was heading to Eaton Centre, I noticed that just on the corner, across from the Atrium, a Panera store was to open!

Despite all that…I only got to try it out on Friday. Why it took so long, beats me, and my tongue is mad.

Anyway my mother and I picked up the Pastry Ring to try out, and got a few cookies on the side.

(Apologies on the crappy iPhone quality. I didn’t have decent lighting. My bad~)


Pastry Ring

A fluted ring, baked with cherry and apple fruit fillings & our special-recipe cheese filling.


Yes it is a tad fatty, especially when it is so hard to stick to just one serving. The ring is presliced, so you can just pick a filling, and pull. Do pull gently as it will break off otherwise. Anyway back to the fatty part, it is so worth it, as it is soft, sweet, and just so freaking yummy.

You can check out the website HERE, and if you do check it out frequently, make sure to make a card! They give you surprises randomly, so you never know when you might get something :)


2 thoughts on “Panera Pastry Ring…excuse me while I drool…

    • ahhhh you’ve had them before?? seriously, if I could I would just sit there all day and eat their breads…
      providing I wouldn’t get fat haha…but dang…they are good :)
      The pastry ring didn’t last very long once we got home haha

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