“Should I, Should I?”

Accidentally came across this song, while searching for something else.

It really stuck, despite the lyrics not being totally my cup of tea.

But his voice is just so…up my alley, so what can you do~


2 thoughts on ““Should I, Should I?”

  1. you. it’s me, the turtle. thought I’d leave a comment for something I saw in the past. I thought your “black teal eyes” makeup from a while back was very nice~ I can only wonder what rasilla actually looks like :S I should post a picture of my eye and make people guess some more.

    I told you I hated nell right. That psycho woman liked nell and I was forced to hear it / watch the videos while we were studying. Gives me proper nightmares.

    That is all.

    • lol DO IT! xD
      I dunno…maybe one day I will be brave enough…we will see. But I’ve been saying that for years now lol
      Nell…if I could marry a voice, I might his^^

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