Marcelle’s Multi Colour Powder Blush~

Pink fusion

So this is one of the goodies that was in the loot bag that I received from groupe Marcelle.

As per the usual, I have been wanting to try this out because I saw it reviewed on the blogs of other fellow Canadian bloggers.

So at first glance, I am reminded of the Bobbi Brown blushes. I personally have —— which I swatched HERE.

I’ll add a bit about that later though.

Gotta love when a company does gradient products! (at least I do xD)


So I got this in my goodie bag from the Groupe Marcelle event. (I know the products are never ending! xD we were truly spoiled :))



So I love gradient products. It makes blending easier, and it just looks so fun!


I like that u can essentially get three different looks from it. If I were to concentrate on the upper lighter colours, I get a lighter blush that leans towards highlighting. If I were to concentrate on the lower half, I get a darker blush.

Left is the lower part of the blush gradient
Right is the upper part of the blush gradient

Then I could swirl the entire thing together and get the middle ground between the two.

I don’t go for that option as I like to use the strips individually. I like using the upper two colours for highlighting the brow, or inner corner of the eye. If I were talented enough to use the pinks as a shadow, I probably would use them for eyeshadow (providing they are eye safe. I would assume so, but that’s because I don’t understand/lazy. So if u are concerned just check but I think it was fine.)

The blush itself was really soft, so use a slightly lighter hand when dipping your favourite brush into it. You may end up wasting it, and you wouldn’t want that, would you?

So in terms of a drugstore alternative to the more expensive Bobbi Brown?

Well if someone was looking into it, it is an alternative, but by no means a pure substitute. They are both soft, but the shimmers in the BB are just so dang pretty that its just one of those things that you may want to eventually add to your stash. However you get more product from the Marcelle one, at a better price point. Now if Marcelle was to come out with more colours, I may jump the BB ship lol

You can find this almost everywhere which makes it a plus.

The minus would be the price. It does seem a bit high at approx. $16.95, so you may need to think about the purchase, rather than impulsively buy it. You should always keep an eye out for sales, or check out Walmart for cheaper price points.

There are a few other gradient products on their website, which you can check out HERE.



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