Burt’s Bees Sensitive Moisturizer

My skin has always been sensitive. More so on the emotional side of sensitivity (stress wrecks havoc on my skin, something that was extreme in my early undergrad years), though I also have sensitivities to various skin care products (notably is that I cannot use Korean skin care products. I break out into a slight rash, and tend to be itchy for days after application). So when I received the email about the new Bzz Agent Campaign on Burt’s Bees Sensitive line, I was pretty excited.

I was sent the Sensitive Daily Moisturizer (along with small sample packets to hand out to friends/family), and the Sensitive Facial Cleanser.
This post will focus on the moisturizer.


Here is some info straight from the information booklet I received:

  • naturally gentle and skin friendly for daily use
  • contains cotton extract to soften and shield from potential irritants such as harsh soaps or cleaners
  • is fragrance free and hypo-allergenic
  • is dermatologist tested and allergy tested
  • This all applies to the general line.
    Specifically for the moisturizer…

  • contains rice extract to moisturize
  • contains aloe to soothe
  • is non-comedogenic
  • is 99% natural ingredients
  • It can be found at SDM and Walmart for about $24.99.

    The pump container was a fun thing to use, as it is something I prefer to a jar. However make sure you do recap the product, as the opening for the pump will contain a bit of the moisturizer (and all along the inner tubing), and will dry out the product. This will lead to a hard snakelike product to squeeze out the next time you use it (ew).

    For this moisturizer, I found that a little goes a long way, as it leans towards being a rich product. You will want to slap this on right after your shower/morning routine, so that you allow enough time for it to absorb into the skin. It goes on a little gel-y, as you rub it into the skin, quite the interesting texture.

    Applied to the right of the back of the hand


    You can see the difference in the area where I applied the moisturizer and where I didn’t


    There is a tiny faint scent, but nothing offensive (at least IMO).

    Though it went on nicely, and true to its name, was gentle for everyday use, I found that there is this weird feeling that lingers after the application. I would equate it to being a type of film on the skin. In more detail, it is probably just my skin being extremely moisturized, and I am not used to that feeling! lol

    Anyway, I found that my foundation applied well on top of it, both liquid and mineral foundations. Unfortunately it didn’t seem to work well with the foundations I have, as I was super oily only a few hours into the day.

    If I am just at home, I slap it on and go about my day, without any noticeable issues. Just isn’t a good mix with my foundations is all. So if you don’t typically use foundations, this may be something to look into.

    In the end, would I buy this?

    Unfortunately I would say no. Because it is too rich for my skin, and interferes with my makeup process, I wouldn’t (couldn’t) buy it even if I did like it. However as it really was quite moisturizing, I would consider thinking about getting the Sensitive Night Cream, or the Sensitive Eye Cream, as I would assume that the same rich moisturizing properties translates into those two products as well.

    The fact that there is hardly a scent really lured me in, as well as the way it really does moisturize the skin.

    It’s funny.

    Back in mid-late 90’s I was a fan of the small tins of the balm. I didn’t really use anything else during the next decade. And now? Though the lip products are the ones I use the most, slowly, I am branching out into other areas that have proven to work for my skin. And with my recent Wellness class workshop, I learned why it would be to our benefit to use/eat natural products/produce. So it does make me feel a tad better when I use products that tout nautralness.

    Have you seen the new line yet? Would you think of trying out the line?


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