Black’s Photography Canada Smartphone Picture Promo~

This is not a sponsored post.I just noticed it today, and just had to share ^^

So I had a lunch date with my friend AY, but had am hour to waste before I met her. So I got off at Queen Station and walked into the Eaton Centre.

Off to the corner of my eye, I noticed a sign.

“something something $0.99!”

As I continued walking (my intent was to go to SDM), it kept replaying in my head…so once I got to about Starbucks on the lower level…I turned around and went back.

Basically, Black’s Photography has a promo going on right now.

You can print out 25 pictures from your smartphone for $0.99!!

Their website is currently down for maintenance or something…but you can check out their twitter account HERE

Anyway, I stepped in, and asked how it worked, and BAM. I had the lovely SA there assist me, and let me know what goes on in the process.

Now who has tons and TONS of pictures on their phone? I have the iPhone, and well, I have taken 5000+ pictures (according to the image numbering), within the last year. Luckily that included deleted photos. Anyway currently, on my phone I have apparently ~2300 jpg files.

Here is the catch on that little tib bit I just mentioned.

When you hook up your phone, you have to wait until the machine detects ALL YOUR FREAKING PHOTOS before you can start. For the most part, it isn’t an issue for most people, unless you are one of those individuals who does not remove pictures from your phone very frequently.


So, the approximately 2300 pictures took just over 15 minutes to be detected. Luckily I had the time to waste, otherwise O___o.

The SA there will tell you, but you need to disable autolock, as once it locks, you have to restart the entire process. That would SUCK so do as they ask.

Now at the Eaton Centre location, I was originally told the highest was 2200 pictures (on the 4S in 6 months, which is quite impressive! But understandable as the camera is far nicer than the 4), but then another SA said that someone came in with 4500. YOWZA! lol (I may have been a tad sad that I wasn’t the highest…lol)

Here are a few cropped pictures that I had printed, and will explain a few more things if you are interested in this later.

All of these were taken with my(/my brothers) Lumix GF1 (thus picture of a picture).
These pictures were taken on the iPhone 4! You can check out specs at WIKI

If you would like to see a bigger image, right click and select “view image”, you should see a larger version.

Front Camera

This was taken indoors, in yellow lighting. You can see it is very grainy upclose. However as an overall picture, it was still clear enough that for $0.05 (I rounded up with the taxes lol), I was satisfied with.

Rear (5MP) Camera

This was taken in a cosmic bowling play date. Lighting was very minimal.

I didn’t ask my friends permission, so I had to block out her face with a piggy eraser. You think she would be offended?? lol

Anyway, this was taken at the Textile Museum of Canada. Again indoors, and their lighting was quite minimal, thus grainy.

This was taken recently, outdoors in the setting sun. Light was still quite decent, and so this picture turned out pretty well. The lines were finer, and though you noticed it wasn’t 100% crisp, it was a good picture.

Some of you will recognize this one from the Groupe Marcelle Event I attended in November. Again this was taken without flash, indoors, so it is grainy. However it isn’t as bad as the front facing camera.

So…Thinking of trying out this promotion?

Well first off I would highly suggest it. As I mentioned, you get 25 pictures for $0.99+tax. That is dirt cheap.

But here are a few things you should note:

  • If you have a lot of pictures, you may want to move them to the computer and delete them, so you don’t have to wait long for them to upload
  • Your image quality will HIGHLY depend on the amount of light you got in the first place (and your camera MP)
    • the pictures where I had a lot of light, were definitely nicer than when I didn’t
  • I would suggest you bring your own cord. They do have some on site, but it depends on how many people have the same phone as you…so you may have to wait
  • If you want to see how grainy your photo might be, and you have an iPhone, I suggest that you go view the picture in your phone, then double tab to zoom in. If the zoom looks super grainy, you should expect your pictures to turn out super grainy. If they look relatively smooth, you should be okay

I think that was all I needed to say off the top of my head…

If you have any other questions, and I can answer them, I will do my best to help.

Do you think you’ll take part in the promo??


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