Makeup Forever Magneted Palette

Ooooh baby.
Remember that I attended IMATS Toronto 2011? (you can check it out HERE)

Well I just wanted to share the palette I got from MUFE.


Was a steal at $7, and I was super excited to get them. I ignored the rest of my list to possibly try out a Zpalette…

Anyway if you want to read a good review on a few that you can compare?
Check out Rica’s Post at the Office Chic.

Well…moving along…

They can apparently only be found in free standing MUFE stores. Otherwise you gotta wait for IMATS Toronto.

Also you know what?
I didn’t realize that the sheet of plastic inside the palette had a purpose!!!
So sad. Only realized when I found the product in their website HERE, that it is a protector!


Lets move on to more pictures…


Just having some fun…

La Femme Blush I believe

This was before I started depotting a few other blushes. They looked so lovely like this…

Here is the one I filled up with eyeshadows from various brands.

So is this for you?

Well it depends.

I personally love the MUFE palette. Here’s why…
– I love that its a metal tin
– I love that it is sleek
– I love that it is thin
– I love that it is black

However you might not like it if…
– you don’t like your palette’s getting scratched.
I personally don’t have an issue with it, but apparently it can happen.
– you don’t like seeing finger prints
Once in awhile I have to do a wipe. But usually I do my makeup right out of the shower, so my palette is spared from that
– you don’t like that it doesn’t have a viewing window
It is a tad bit of a pain, but I can tell which one I am holding as the weights differ (blush>eyeshadow)
– you don’t like that it is too thin, and doesn’t have proper opening grips
The palette is quite thin, which sacrifices the indents to open the palette. So if you aren’t careful, while you are opening it, you could accidentally knock it down to the floor

So it really depends.
Personally for the price I paid, I do have a great fondness for it, so I deal. But I know that it isn’t for everyone.

What do you think?
Would you prefer the other palettes out there?


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