Not usually a fan of roses, but this may be an exception…

When MAC’s Candy Yum Yum was released, it was the talk of the town. Town in this case is the blogging universe/twitterverse.

Anyway, I knew that I wouldn’t be able to feel comfortable wearing such a bright lipstick out and about, however it didn’t stop me from wanting it.

Luckily I have friends who are into MU like I am, and well I was gifted a dupe by SparkledBeauty.
That is how Milani’s Rose Hip entered my lfe.



I didn’t actually know that it was a dupe for Candy Yum Yum. I didn’t even think to look for dupes that I could actually get my hands on.

So here’s my bit on Rose Hip.

This is my first venture into Milani lip wear, if I recall correctly (memory has been failing me a bit recently…)

Rose Hip is a delightfully bright pink. To me it is blinding.




But it is ridiculously fun to wear.


Well actually I haven’t worn it out full power, rather a muted/patted down version of its real potency.
But it served me well.

However, with great pigmentation and delightfulness, comes a rather unwanted foe…

Weird lip staining.


That stain from Rose Hip is actually ridiculous. When I swatches on my hand, the stain lasted two days, quite unpleasant really. I mean if I want to go bare lipped, its nearly impossible. But do note, on the lips it doesn’t last for 2 days. Due to licking of lips, eating, and other misc things we do with our mouths, it does come off faster. But it is there, and you should be warned!



I probably wouldn’t buy another. This is a special lipstick that I would prefer to wear once every few months, when I need the extra pick me up, Thus this one tube will last me for awhile.

You can find Milani at Fortinos, Superstore, some Walmarts, online at, or at CherryCulture where this was bought on sale.



2 thoughts on “Not usually a fan of roses, but this may be an exception…

  1. Sorry my dear, didn’t know it stained this bad (sucks that none of the reviews I read mentioned this). Maybe it’ll just be an item to sit on a vanity to look pretty :(

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