Aloe plants, drinks…lotions

So during the winter, I’m always on the lookout for a great lotion.
My hands get so dry and chapped, that its painful to usually put on anything!
(been especially bad last winter and this winter, as being in the children field has sucked all bits of moisture from these hands of mine)

So I was happy to get to try out the new Vaseline Total Moisture Aloe Fresh…

Straight from their fact sheet…

Vaseline® Total Moisture™ Aloe Fresh is a light
feeling lotion that leaves your skin feeling
light & fresh.

• Contains pure aloe and
Stratys-3® Multi-layer

• Absorbs quickly, infuses
moisture at the top, core
and deep down layers*,
and leaves skin hydrated




Its their traditional bottle. Nothing out of the ordinary for them, though the colour was refreshing! I know its odd, but it is. Such a lovely green xD

One thing I really like about Vaseline lotions, is that they have a great consistency to hole ratio.

Hmm…I totally botched that last sentence.

Anyway I have been a bit obsessed with this the right sized hole for the product it is dispensing. Basically have had a few issues with a few other products recently, and its driving me nuts! I end up accidentally using too much.

Anyway, the lotion is like any of their lotions. The smell isn’t too strong that it is offensive (which turns me off immediately), nor is the price too big of a deal at ~$5

It really does absorb quickly, which is always a plus. I hate having my hands feeling too greasy, or sticky after application.

The bottle is best to keep at home, as it really isn’t a travel friendly size. I, however, decided to take it around with me. This was so I would be reminded to use it. Again this is where the bright green container comes in handy.

So here is the thing.
When my hands are severely dry, TBS Body Butters, or Regular baby butt Vaseline ends up irritating my hands and I need to wash them off. But that is also me without taking the steps throughout the day to re-moisturize my hands. Carrying the product around with me, and applying throughout my day (approximately 3 times a day, not including morning and evening routine), definitely helped to decrease the insanity that is my hands at the end of a regular day. When my hands were extremely dried out, I think the aloe helped out a bit, as it didn’t irritate me the way the regular petroleum would. (There is a DRY SKIN Version, just keep reading…)

So what is the lesson learned? Do NOT wait until the point of no return to moisturize your hands. Do so during your day as a preventative measure, and you (I), won’t be in pain.

I blended the lotion down from where I squeezed it, so everything under the watermarking is where I applied the lotion. (I actually squeezed too much cause I over estimated lol. So I had to wipe some off on my legs xD)

It is hard to tell, but the lotion helps to ease the dry skin lines all over the back of my hand. You can kind of see it better in the slightly larger version on flickr.

The 296ml bottle goes for between $4-6.00 depending on where you go.
They also have Cocoa Radiant and Dry Skin variations.
(When I received the email, my eyes were immediately drawn to the green bottle, that I didn’t realize that they had a DRY SKIN version!!! lol oh man…once I’m done the aloe, I may have to try it out :))

I also didn’t know this, but they have a Facebook page as well, which you can check out HERE
They actually have a contest going on if you Like their page, so check it out~

my hands are now ready for spring time hand holding love :)

(Now I just need to find a guy LOL -_____-)


2 thoughts on “Aloe plants, drinks…lotions

    • I’m glad that someone can see the difference! I felt bad that I didn’t take a picture that showed it clearly enough.
      Thanks for that xD

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