Blackened Red…

A few weeks back, I was going out and felt like I needed to get some use out of my MAC pigments.

So get some use out of them I did!



I use the reflects, but you can’t really tell in the overall pictures, so I got a blurry one…
but even then its hard to see. Reflects use fail >_<


I applied the NYX JEP in Milk all over the lid, and blended it in
I used MAC pigment in Heritage Rouge all over the lid, wet
Then applied the crease colour from the Wet n Wild I’m Getting Sunburned Trio
Next up was applying Annanbelle Smudgeliner in Oh My Goth!
Then misted my brush with a setting spray, dipped it into MAC Glitter Reflects, and patted it on the eye
Finally I applied a set of false lashes

Surprisingly a lot of work went into this, as I had issues with blending. I probably shouldn’t have use the JEP and the pigments wet. Or maybe that wasn’t the case, I just know it was a pain to blend >_<


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