There have been cases where individuals who lost their sense of smell, due to a sinus infection, never get it back.

Guess who has a sinus infection?

Guess who can’t smell anything?

Like nothing. I can shove something terribly stinky deep in my nostril and I still wouldn’t be able to smell it…

Now I’m really hoping that Gods plan for me isn’t to lose my sense of smell at my “tender” age, but it got me thinking.

(actually I almost shed a year when I told my mom lol)

Once a friend asked us what sense you were willing to give up, if you ultimately had to. I used to go with smell.

Oh how stupid I was.

Being a huge eater, I had forgotten how my sense of taste got screwed when I even had a cold! So if I lost it, nothing would taste good anymore.

It’s like, I was eating cheese today, and I couldn’t really taste it. Instead my brain resorted to trying to recall the taste as I was eating, and emit it as I chewed.

Oh the plus side, I would be the best diaper changer in the world, and could go wherever and wouldn’t have issues. I have always been quite sensitive to smells, and have a strong gag reflex. Not good for a lot of daily situations…

Moving on…

To not be able to smell, and having your taste compromised? I’m not sure how we can take that.

But through this, I have learned to treasure it a bit more.

When I regain my sense of smell, I want to try out more foods. (so that in the off chance case this were ever to happen again in the future, my brain has a larger category to draw from)

I will try….
Brussels sprouts
청국장 (fermented soybeans similar to Natto)
Stinky Tofu

And there my list ends cause I can’t think of anything.

So dear readers, what would you suggest for me to try out?

It can be something small, just as long as its something that I can try, and would likely eat sometime in my life again (so nothing like monkey brains >_< barf), and that I can actually buy! Haha

Anyway let's hope I'm not the off chance individuals who get stuck with this okay? :)


2 thoughts on “So…apparently…

    • Thanks! I think I’m starting to smell things, but it’s faint. So hopefully it is the beginning of my recovery of full smelling abilities haha

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