Nail Stamping Fun~

A few weeks back, I received an email, with an offer to try out one of the new Konad stamping plates. My soft spot for Konad took over and immediately replied yes!

It was hard to choose from the two plates, but I ended up going with m84.

As soon as it arrived, I busted it out and started playing with it.

(sorry I forgot to clean the black polish off)

I like doing accents on my ring finger, just so the patterns don’t over power the beauty of the polish.

Here is a double stamp I did, making one look like the highlight of the other…

Here I stamped two different patterns to create a more floral-y look.

The stamping process was actually quite good. For the most part, as long as I used the right polish (AA polishes [on a side note, when I see AA, I see AsianAvenue, not American Apparel lol], or Chrome polishes I have in my stash…), I didn’t have much trouble picking up the design. The only one that did give me a bit of trouble was the full star pattern.

I stamped the stars first on all my nails, but you can see that it isn’t as crisp as it should be. Then I stamped the bow on my ring finger, and filled it in with a Milani One Coat Glitter polish, and added a stone. I wish I hadn’t added the stone, it made it look too… :S

Just another shot of the stamps…

The two new Konad plates (M84 & M85) can be found HERE at They are $8.75CAN free shipping as it only takes a stamp.

My favourites are definitely the right angled roses, the bow, and the bouquet. However as an accent, I do like using them all.

So what do you think?
Have you tried out nail stamping yet?
I actually wanted to try making my own stamps…lol I doubt this would work…but when I have time I will experiment with the idea :P

This was provided by Nail Polish Canada ( for review consideration, as I do love me a good stamping plate.


4 thoughts on “Nail Stamping Fun~

    • Haha it’s more like actually stamping w corks :) would be nice to make my own metal stamps though! I’m also wondering if I could potentially get the same results w embossing leather…haha weird projects for me to do :)

  1. so this is the stamp thing that you talked about before…..!!
    very exciting patterns I see! Let’s have some fun during SA if you are willing to share it with others? :) (if not then just me and JB unni?? lol)

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