Soft…smooth? Just my kind of product

Who doesn’t love coming across a lovely soft and smooth liner?

Well lets get moving then!

This is another product I was lucky enough to receive from Groupe Marcelle.



I had originally received the Purple Rain liner, and Imaginary Mauve liner as part of extras from a giveaway that I won from Sparkled Beauty’s giveaway. I then snagged Electric Blue and Midnight Black from the Event in November (HERE).

I didn’t think that the liners would really be all that. You have to understand that not a lot of liners really impress me, as I have super oily skin, meaning I am very susceptible to black raccoon eye syndrome. A total pain.

Anyway I tried out Purple Rain, and gosh dangnabit, it is quite lovely.


Purple Rain lasts me through my day, and I don’t have to worry that it will transfer to my under eye area.

It gives my eyes a pop of colour for the day, without being too loud.

Imaginary Mauve is a little too light for me, so you really can’t see it when I apply it to my eyes, but I do use it to line my lower lash line to give it a little boost.

Electric blue, is not as bright as it seems in the picture, it is close to the product colouring. It is nice, but I do see a bit of transfer to my under eye area. I don’t complain much though, as it isn’t a big amount, and it can easily be fixed.

Midnight black is a lovely black. It is a muted black, (but not the blackest black I have used) that does glide nicely (as it they all do), but it doesn’t seem to last as well as Purple Rain does, or even Electric Blue on my upper lash line. There is transfer and fading. Sucks that it does, but again, not a big issue as it is still quite good in terms of the price point, and how RARE it is for me to find something that does work for me. (I can wear it for about 5 hours and I see a tell tale sign of a black eye…)

One thing to note, is that Purple Rain does get a little patchy when you first apply it. I do have to go over my line like 2-3 times for it to look nice, but yes, it does go on a little patchy. You can kind of see it in the hand swatch I took. I also heard from my friend (I gave her a brown one I got from the event), and she said that the brown didn’t show up very well either. I may have to steal it back temporarily to see what she means.

I can also say that they are waterproof, in that I can jump in the shower, and it is still there once I get out! (just be sure to pat your eyes, otherwise you will smear the liner a little bit).

When I am done the liners, I would pick up another Purple Rain, and Midnight Blue. Maybe also a green. I used to use the Annabelle Smoothliners and Smudgeliners a lot, but dang, I may jump ship to hop onto the Marcelle liner wagon. I know they are from the same company, but as it lasts a tad longer on me, I would rather go with the longer lasting one.

You can find these guys pretty much any SDM, Rexall, Superstore, Walmart, and online HERE. It may seem pricey at $10.50, but they go on sale often, and seeing as they perform better on me than the UD 24/7 liners, I would take these any day.



2 thoughts on “Soft…smooth? Just my kind of product

  1. Rasilla my dear! You’re right: Annabelle and Marcelle are two brands from the same company but beware because 98% of the formulas are different! For sure you will not have the same results if you compare Annabelle Smudgeliner VS Annabelle Smoothliner VS Marcelle Waterproof Eyeliner because these are 3 different formulas. I’m afraid you’ll have to sail on both ships. LOL ;o) Thanks for the article!

    • And WOW does that 2% make a difference xD
      I still recommend the Annabelle one, but suggest the Marcelle one as well~

      Thanks for your input Isabel :)

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