Model in a Bottle

So one of the things I was excited to pick up from IMATS Toronto 2011 was the Model in a Bottle Spray. I have seen it pop up on blogs over the years, and have always been intrigued by it. So this was finally my chance. Unfortunately for me, it didn’t work out as nice as I would have hoped.

From Left to Right:
Pupa Eyeshadow
NYC Blushable Creme Stick
Marcelle Lipstick Jezebel
Urban Decay Liquid Liner
MAC Paint Pot Mosscape
All freshly applied to my arm

Just sprayed Model in a Bottle, so you can see the sheen. For the most part that does go away.

Drying down. And running under warm water…

I dabbed the water off my arm with a towel.

I did rub at the Marcelle Lipstick though, so that is why it looks so odd. I wanted to see how it looked. Basically you don’t want this stuff over your lips…

I had a bit of an issue with the sprayer, so I decanted some into another mini spray bottle. Basically I found that the hole at the dispenser gets clogged or something, because instead of a spray, it shoots out a jet stream.

In other news, i fought w the Model in a Bottle spraying mechanism. It likes to shoot streams of the product at me! Gotta show it who’s boss!/rasilla/status/136864691480838144

Basically the jet streams shot towards the eye area, and STUNG LIKE CRAZY! OMG it was bloody flipping horrible (channeling Moss from IT Crowd here…lol)

When I spray, I cover my hair with a towel or something, as it makes your hair a little stiffer. And this way you don’t have to worry about an uneven distribution, as it spreads out nicer when its at their recommended distance from the face.

At first, it feels sticky, but you just have to let it dry. I found it didn’t dry as fast as the UD setting spray, or the Ben Nye spray. Even when it was dry, it was slightly tacky on my face.

One thing that really got to me?

The scent. It has a floral-y scent to it, which personally I found too strong. When it comes to scents, I lean more to the sensitive side, so this was one of the deal breakers for me.

However, it does do its job for the most part.

Once applied, it kept everything in place, and I mean even for my La Femme blushes, I was able to run my arm under warm water for awhile, and it still remained in place. (
You can find a few more pictures in THIS post about LA Femme blushes.)

When I did the second test, only the UD liquid liner came off, as well as the lipstick. They kind of patted off on the towel.

I would suggest applying mascara AFTER you apply MiaB. I found that it would moisten the mascara formula, and leave little marks under my eyes. But this would depend on how your lashes are situated, more than a complete “this is what will happen to all” type of thing.

Would I buy this again?

Simply put…no

I didn’t like that the sprayer kept giving me trouble, and that the scent was over the top for me. However if I were in a need of a setting spray, I would definitely reach for this. Would I reach for this on my wedding day (when I eventually/hopefully get married)? No. I think that there would be something else out there that would suit me better.


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