Speak Louder! I can’t hear anything past your lips…

I think I am trying to get lip swatches up, in order to desensitize myself to seeing them on the blog. I have mentioned many a times that my lip shape isn’t my strongest point. It makes applying lipsticks difficult as I lack a more defined cupids bow.

However I think if I don’t get used to this soon, I shall use my mother’s lips. Actually when I complained, she offered so that’s always nice right! Anyway she has a lovely defined cupid bow. Why I could not have inherited her lips, I will never understand. I just know that both my brother and I are like this. Lucky for him, he doesn’t have to wear lipsticks (or want to lol).

Anyway, I bought MAC’s Speak Louder at one of the Warehouse Sales. You can see the post HERE.

(I got a little too much sun on the product, its not this light!)


I love the Cremesheen formula, as it is so smooth on the lips. It just brings everything together really. Unfortunately it isn’t the most moisturizing on my lips, so I prep them with a balm.

I picked this up for just under $10 with taxes. I actually tried looking for it, when I went in December, just so I could have a back up! oh my hoarding will never end…


(The picture ended up being a little too much on the blue side. The colour is closer to the first picture I posted)
Anyway, this is a colour that is a quite pick me up for myself. It’s fun to wear, and I like that I can sheer it out for those times where I don’t feel as bold! lol

You can see swatches at KarlaSugar HERE.


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