Repairing smudges and nicks…

This is one of the other products that I received from Farley. I have never tried a product like this before, so this was a fun thing to try out.



Basically you take your brush, drop a dot on the issue, and brush the Uh-Oh back in to its rightful place. Or you could just brush it back into place, if it isn’t too horrible to start with.

Not that hard to work out.

However I found the first method worked best for me, as long as the polish that was messed up, hadn’t found its way off my nail. Having that excess on the nail makes it easier to push back into place once you place a drop of the repair mixture on top of it.

With the second method, I found that when I was working with the product, it would brush off the colouring. I just couldn’t get it to work as well as to restore the mistake into its full glory. You can see this in the following pictures. It doesn’t look the same when I was done, as it looked patchy and see through. I would probably allow it to dry, and then apply one thin layer of the nail colour, just to fix everything up.

Anyway enough talk from me, lets see it in action. I have three scenarios for you.

Two newly polished nails…
Oh Crap!
Gotta get my bottle of smudge repair…
Eh not bad…but…let it dry for a second and let me have another go…
Okay better but I will now brush a light layer of the polish over it.

Ack! I knocked it against something pointy!
Let me drop a dot of the smudge repair…
Okay lets gently ease it back…
Tada! a little bumpy, so lets let it dry for a second, and brush the spot once…
(I know you can’t tell…but…)
There, smooth as the initial application

Sigh…lets dab the wrinkles with the smudge repair…
A little patchy but a light coat will smooth it over.

Sorry I tried xD

Now would I want to rebuy?

Personally, being a tad neurotic when it comes to application, I would probably want to just remove the entire polish, and reapply. However that doesn’t make much sense when you are pressed for time.

So in general, I think that this is a great product to have in your stash, for ‘just in case’ emergencies, when a full reapplication isn’t really that likely to do.

Also this is useful for those really thick, nasty, chucky polishes that you have yet to repair with some Seche Thinner or an equivalent. One swipe of this over the polish helps to smooth out nasty bumps. I’ve been using it on ELF polishes that have kind of gotten really goopy on me.

Nutra Nail Smudge Repair can be found at Lawtons, Walmart, and online for just under $6CAN.

Have you tried a smudge repair product before? Any tips?


2 thoughts on “Repairing smudges and nicks…

  1. I usually just dip a small brush in to my nail polish thinner and apply it o the nail as I would nail polish. This works especially well with sheet marks and small imperfections. You must follow up with a top coat as well to get the gloss back on the polish

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