The lovelies known as Marcelle lippies…

Back at the Silver Platter trays of makeup in November, I was able to snag these beauties…As they were quite talked about when they were released, I was super excited to try them out. So here goes…



Bare Lips
Attitude looks quite browny on me, reminds me of Beaute’s Lip Creme HERE

Personally I wish that the pearl formula had been pulled back a little. Maybe half its amount, but then it wouldn’t be a pearl and that would defeat the purpose. So that is my own thought on the pearl formula. However I love the cremes. They go on so well, with such ease that it really feels more like a soft balm then a lipstick.


Bare Lips


Bare Lips
Just to show you how pigmented these babies are. And how it really looks on me… >_<

Jezebel is actually a really lovely colour. It was one of the few I really wanted to snag at the event (as well as Cleopatra but that's another story). Though it is lovely and looks great on fellow blogger blue@watercoloursky, on me…not so much. I blame my lip pigmentation though. It just turns it into a weird purple undertone colour, and makes me look (as my loving mother puts it) dead. It completely washes me out and just looks blah. Its funny though as I was able to get a few shots where I wished it would look like! I’m thinking if I used MAC dim or something, I could regain the natural colour, but truthfully I’m too lazy for that.


Bare Lips
Indoor lighting kind of shows you how pearly it can get.

Delirium is a lovely red-orange that I actually like wearing. It’s loud and a little in your face to me, but that’s the point when you wear bright colours.

Mama has this stolen Delirium from me. She told me it doesn’t look good on me and has whisked it away to her vanity. That’s what she always does!! She always tells me that it “looks bad on you” so she can have it haha seriously more like an annoying sister than a mother. Oh mama you are too funny.

The other day she’s like, “why haven’t you been taking pictures? You aren’t doing writing for online Internet stuff anymore?” blogging has become a part of my life and I think she finally realizes how much it means to me. Anyway I told her I’ve been busy, and she told me to make sure I do it. She’s holding me accountable xD

Thanks Ma~

Anyway I am finally done with my practicums, (hopefully forever, as long as I don’t want to attempt teachers college…) which means that I have more time. I hope. I really missed regular blogging, and squeezed it in when I could, but having more time makes me happy. My blog is my baby!

Well have a lovely day folks~


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