Keeping those fingers protected while texting~

One day, my fellow torontonian blogger Mira@Babybubblz wrote a post about touchscreen gloves HERE. I don’t believe I really ever thought of getting on, nor knew about their existence.

However I wasn’t a huge fan of the white tips. I want all black dangit! So I Hummed and Hawwed, and gave in. I bought it. Then I found out from @watercoloursky that Agloves had a promotion where it was cheap shipping.

Shucks. As I already put an order through with the other glove, I hadn’t really wanted to get another. Luckily this is when having a sibling helps (or close friends). I told my bro it would be a gift. So I bought the Agloves one.

They have bamboo ones, and sports ones, but I got the regular glove with 7% conductive threading HERE.

As it was nearing the holidays, I waited a bit longer than I would have liked, but what can you do when everyone is going nuts with sending packages! lol

So here is my experience with them.
Keep in mind I could have received an anomaly. A fluke. But this is my experience…


Personally I wish they had an easy tear strip, or a bigger envelope. If I didn’t know, I would have snipped the glove right off! So luckily the envelope was not the hard cardboard variety.


I got the M/L cause I wanted to give this pair to my brother. However I liked how it fit, and its not like I have exceptionally large hands (or so I would like to believe). It was a little big on the thumb, so if it were for myself, I may have preferred to buy the S/M

They included two cards with the gloves, which I thought was cute. WOM purposes.

Now up to that point I liked it. I mean I liked the colour, the fit was alright, and well it looked clean…until I looked at it again, and the excitement glasses came off…

Notice how the threads stick out on my pinky?
Now I know I only spent $17.99, but really? The threading was not something I was amused with. It looked like cheap workmanship, or someone totally slacked on the quality control production line. I mean I would probably prefer to buy mittens from Aritzia, and take them off to text. Yes, even with our chilly winters…

I liked the added Agloves logo on the side.

I did like the finishing on the edge of the glove, but it really just looked like a regular white work glove…like THIS.

Lets see it in action…



Use wise, it worked. I didn’t have any issues with it at all. It was sensitive enough that I could function and play games. Texting required a bit more patience though, as I would accidentally press buttons I didn’t want, but that could just be my thumbs.

If I did it again, would I buy another pair? Well I think I would try making my own first, and see how that goes. You can check out a few links from MAKE. I don’t know how much patience I would have to do that…but at least I can decide on the type of glove I want. Also I could then determine the warmth level of the glove. I felt that the Aglove didn’t really offer enough warm, which really isn’t its main function so can’t really complain there.

Yes I thought of giving them a heads up by email, but after there was no reply through twitter, I thought I would just leave it. Its not that big of a deal, at least I got to try them out for a bit. My brother does use it at times, however as his iPhone 4s is housed in an Otterbox it isn’t as sensitive to the screen as it would on non-Otter housed iPhone. Which is obvious really seeing as the screen is heavy duty on the Otterbox (bro needs the extra protection because of his job). The threading was something he mentioned as well when he first saw them, but he went with the “it was less than $20” philosophy and moved on.

I got the other ones I ordered, and let me just say that in comparison Agloves were FAR superior, actually that would be wrong to say. There was no competition at all, they were in completely different categories. Now THAT was a glove that I really regret buying. Ah well, you buy you learn…

By the way, if you want to go for warmer gloves, Sporting Life does have more heavy duty gloves in stock that cater to touch screens. However you are not looking at the $20 price tag anymore, so be prepared to drop some money.

Anyway what would you do?
If you got a glove like that, would you continue using it?
Do you have touchscreen gloves, and use them regularly?


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