This may fit within your Comfort Zone…

So here are the three sets that I was able to get my hands on, all thanks to CP’s from Sparkled Beauty.

Comfort Zone was really the only 8-pan Wet n Wild that I wanted from the collection. I had asked a friend to try and snag me one when she went back home to the states last Spring, but no such luck. So when I got the opportunity to snag one via Sparkled Beauty, I jumped on it.
For the oh so low cost of $5 CAN I find it extremely useful, and such a great deal for all these colours! I mean its right up my alley in terms of colour.


(Indirect Natural Light)

(Indoor flash)

I also love that it doesn’t take much effort to blend the colours together, meaning lazy newbie’s like me don’t have to worry about it looking horrible, especially when I am in a rush. At the same time, despite the fact that it is so cheap, it lasts, and personally feel that I wouldn’t know it was any different in quality with some of the other shadows that I had in a blind test (as I am no expert in this area, I guess its not that hard…).

One of my favourite shadows in the pan is the last shadow (the definer) in the second column (green side). It looks like a fun green in the picture, but when applied, it does this weird duo-colour thing. It applies orangey-brown, but with a green flash to it, depending on the angle. It reminds me of a Orly polish xD

Anyway, it’s a great deal. If you are looking for a cheap palette to play around with, then I would highly suggest this product. They have one with purples and blues, but as I do not wear those colours, I passed on them. But I wish I could pull them off as I am fond of the idea of getting them all. Oh the shadow addiction…

My mother tries to steal this palette from me from time to time. I will need to stop by Walmart and pick up one for her lol. (I tried recently, and it was sold out! AH! I need to stop my mother from taking mine >_<)

I used Annabelle Smoothie in Cocoaloco (1) as a base colour. I applied it and rub it about. I then applied the dark reddish-brown (2) to the outer part of the lid, and then applied light bronzy-brown to the inner part (3). I then used the light orangey-copper (??? I don’t know how to describe colours. I really should give up lol) (4) at the edges as a blender.

I used Annabelle Smoothie in Absinthe-Minded (1) as my base colour. It blends out to be very light, and I wasn’t expecting it to be that light, but it worked out to my favour in the end. I tried my best to blend it in as fast as I could, as it just wont budge if you don’t get in there fast enough. I then applied the dark green-gold shimmer (2) in to my outer lid. I then applied the lighter green (3) to the middle part, and a little more into the inner part of my lid. I left the most inner part of my lid to be the original Annabelle Smoothie colour. I then used the browbone colour (4) as the blending colour. Wish I had used more of it in the picture though (especially on the outer part of the lid), looked a little too harsh when I opened my eye.


2 thoughts on “This may fit within your Comfort Zone…

  1. Lol at the fact that your mom tried to steal it from you, good thing you can grab one from Walmart (if it’s in stock). I stole a bunch of higher end makeup from my mom last time, bad daughter huh?

    • lol yay for getting MU from mama xD I cant get myself to really use the good stuff so my mama is safe there.

      Oh and the palette now lives permanently in her room…I got tired of hunting it down lol

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