Revlon Lip Butters

In December, Rexall had a sale on their lip products. BOGO. Rarely happens for us Canadians, so it was a great deal. Unfortunately I didn’t know what to get, so I ended up passing the deal. However I was asked by a friend to pick up two Lip Butters for her.

The ones I was struggling to find were Lollipop and Candy Apple. It didn’t really kick in then, that there was a reason why it was hard for me to locate these two colours at Rexall.

It actually took me awhile to find out the reason…

About a week later, I saw a tweet, mentioning the gorgeous swatches of Lollipop on Beautezine. I clicked.

And it was Game Over.

It was a gorgeous swatch! (You can check it out HERE) I had to have it. Unfortunately I tried looking for it, but no luck.

So I left it.

Later in the month, I met up with blogging friends, and received a few gifts.
One was…
Lip Butters…
Peach Parfait…
I love when things just work out!


(Flash brings out the lovely look of the blue…)

(Natural indirect lighting.)

I applied Lollipop twice on my lips to get the colouring I did in the picture. It gives my lips a lot of colour for such a product. It really does make me happy. I can sheer it out by dabbing it on my lips and mixing it with a balm or gloss. Otherwise I can apply it directly for a more fun look. Plus the blue-ish flash in the colour is just gorgeous.

I love its versatility.

Peach Parfait


Because of my lip pigmentation, Peach Parfait is basically a frosty version of my lips. It gives it a slightly more pinky gold (due to the shimmer) tone to my lips.



I do have a lot of fun with these guys, and I like layering Peach Parfait on top of other colours, but in general, I don’t know if I would buy more at the regular price.

I’m cheap dude!

As I am not a regular lip-colour-wearing individual, buying a not-really-a-lipstick product for $10+dollars before taxes is a little :S or me.

However, as it is so fun to wear, I would contemplate getting more. I actually want to try out Raspberry Pie (I think that was what it was called).  A lovely reddish colour.

I didn’t find it horribly dry like some people mentioned, but I would prefer to balm my lips before application.

Okay, I retract my statement. When I finish these two, it is very possible I will be tempted to rebuy. I just hope that when I do, there is a decent sale on them xD


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