Pink Burst…

Love at first sight?
In terms of lipsticks, it pretty much was…

Pink Burst


I first fell in love with this lipstick, when I saw it on Temptalia’s post HERE.

I just HAD to have it. I mean look at the subtle holo shimmer?! I saved the picture, and carried it around with me. As I wasn’t willing to pay the MAC price for it, I figured I would find alternatives to it.

I didn’t do very well, as the colour I thought that Pink Burst was, wasn’t actually the colour I thought it was.

But as it happened, I found Pink Burst on sale at the MAC warehouse sale that happens 4 times a year. I snagged it for under $10, and though it turned out to be a frost lipstick (which is where it loses points for me, and this was before I understood that there were different lipstick finishes), I do enjoy its vibrancy. On me, its much darker than what was seen on Temptalia. I’m assuming I got some other edition…either way it is a lovely colour, just a tad too loud for me to wear during the day.


(You can see the small glitter there…woah Frosty…)


(Another glitter shot~ Its actually lovely looking, though not so lovely on my own lips :P)

Wish I wasn’t sick so I Would have a reason to wear it tomorrow after a day of working with young kiddies xD



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