Annabelle Big Show Lip Shine

I had the opportunity to mix my own lip shines during the Groupe Marcelle Event in November (HERE). The light beige was included in our gift bag at the end of the night.

I am a huge fan of their Annabelle Le Gloss, and have a few backups in Flash Dance (HERE), so getting to try this out was also a delight for me.


Blogging Faux Pas…
I mixed up the order of the swatches from the product photos. Then I referred back to the original photos for the lip swatches. For Shame! (sorry >_<)

Burgandy looking tube, first from the top….


My Hot Pink looking gloss…Middle tube

Last shot is to show the lovely shimmer~

Beige Gloss that was included in our baggies…


The formula feels similar to the Marcelle Vita Lip Plumping  gloss that I love to use (but I can’t find it on the website). It is not a balm, but it is moisturizing. It isn’t sticky, but my hair would stick to it if there were a gust of wind. But unlike the MAC gloss, when you remove the hair, it won’t take all the gloss with it.

The beige gloss that I received is unscented, though I wish it were, as you can tell that it smells waxy (I thinks what it was, otherwise general raw lip product materials), and it isn’t that lovely to smell. So this is an oddball situation, as I usually hate having products scented! I can never be satisfied…apparently >_<

I also wish it were a bit more pigmented.

As seen with the other two glosses I created, they look quite nice in the tube, but on the lips, it is FAR sheerer than I would have expected. I would hope that this isn’t the case for the actual glosses in the line, as its hard to tell when you try out a beige looking gloss, and that the other glosses were basically party favours! (I can’t wait to play with the testers when they are released in the stores.)

When you first slick on the gloss, I noticed that if I swiped a few too many times, then it looses its glossy look. But don’t fret as with all glosses, it just needs a moment to melt from the body temperature, and it will look pretty again.

They had a lot of gorgeous colours, so when they do hit the shelves (which is apparently sometimes this week) I can only hope that there are testers to play around with. That’s all I’ve been doing with the new Marcelle releases! lol I keep trying to figure out which one I would buy, as they are all really pretty :)


4 thoughts on “Annabelle Big Show Lip Shine

  1. Dear Rasilla, Big Show is scheduled to hit the stores starting on February 20! Of course, the customized shades you created at #BeautyPremiere may very well differ from the real thing in terms of pigmentation ;o)

    • Thx Isabel xD
      A few of the stores have rolled them out early as I just spotted them. And just like u said there are a bunch of winners in terms of pigmentation! Ahhh xD so pretty

  2. These glosses stink so bad!! I would prefer something lightly scented, but all I smell is chemicals. I don’t like anything heavily scented with vanilla but the scent of these lip glosses is just offensive.

    • I only had the one sample I got in our goodie bag, so I didn’t realize it applied to all their glosses.
      Shucks, it is a shame as it is nice on the lips.
      It doesn’t last long, but it is a definite downer when you first put it on >_<

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