The Body Shop Eye Shimmers & Eye Colours

Many moons ago, I bought a bunch of eyeshadows. I had a groupon I had to use, so what the heck…I bought them.

I posted about it HERE in a very delayed fashion…

I bought them when they were being sold at $8CAN. They have since raised their prices to $12CAN



Left to Right

02 Gold Effect – A yellow sheen in the pan but looks more of a light banana golden. It would be nice to layer over another colour, to create a duochrome effect. This was a tiny gritty, but nothing one can’t handle.

08 Emerald Effect – A light green sheen in the pan, and looks quite similar on the skin. This would also looked nice layered over another colour. This, as with the 02, and I would assume with the rest of the single digits, were just a tiny bit gritty.

Left to Right

32 (Pearl Shade) Chocolate – I guess this is what people call the grey brown…taupe? I actually thought it was a dirty grey in the store, and when I brought it home, looked browner. It still looks a tad browner, but it still has some grey in it, making it a lovely colour.

37 (Pearl Shade) Pink Champagne – This is another colour I thought looked different once I brought home. Still this shadow is a lovely colour. A nice muted pink that isn’t too in your face for my skin.

Left to Right

43 (Pearl Shade) Velvet Green – In the pan, it is just so gorgeous! A dark forestry green that makes me think of Christmas. However looks can be deceptive, and names can be ironic, as its no where near its name…It was very gritty, scratchy, and just not a delight to use at all. Which was a HUGE disappointment for me as it was one of the first colours I picked up (actually it was the third colour. 02 & 08 were first).

45 (Pearl Shade) Star Silver –I first fell in love with another silver from the London Arts Collection from TBS. I wanted something similar. Lo and behold I found that they have a single potted silver in the collection! It isn’t an exact copy. The 45 is actually slightly lighter, and I know that in the pictures they do look the same, but the palette is definitely darker than the 45. The palette actually looked like it had a tad tinge of brown to it (as weird as that sounds). My product was mislabeled as Matte Soft Black.

As you can tell, there is a reason why I leave descriptions to the pro’s. As mine do suck. However hopefully you can see some of the loveliness to the colours through the swatches. I did my best to capture them as properly as I could.

It would be best to use a base under these, to help them adhere and apply better. Even 43 looked much better when I swatched it over UDPP.

Left is the Eye Colour, and the Right is the London Collection swatch. You can see that the London one is lighter.

Just because I remembered that I have something similar to 02 & 08, I swatched those as well.

I got the palette from an ELF 75% off sale a long time ago. It was a cooler/cheaper alternative to the Smashbox Transformer. The ELF palette, though not really comparable to the TBS Effect Shadows, is a “cheaper-not-really-a-dupe-but-similar-concept” alternative. I swatched the first two from the left of the ELF palette. The thing is, though it may seem similar at first glance, swatches tell a different story.

Left to Right: 08 – ELF – 02 – ELF
Over Annabelle’s Smoothie Crayon Licoriche

08 is a more vibrant green than the ELF.  02 is gold/orange, but the ELF is actually a muted pink. So that too dupable there at all. Also I should mention that the TBS shadows are brighter than the ELF shadows.


In the end, for the new price, I wouldn’t really be that eager to hand over my money. Well to clarify, I would not fork over $12CAN to TBS. Yes there may be really pretty colours in their collection, but the price point isn’t really that appealing. It is possible that if you want to try them, to buy them during one of their 50% promotions, but even then…I probably wouldn’t buy them at $6CAN either. It’s just a tad too much. I could buy Annabelle Shadows and have cash left over! (I know Annabelle doesn’t have dupes of any of the colours I swatched, but I do love their colours, so its something I like to compare to a lot)

One last shot….Because I do find them pretty…


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