Its hard to explain how much I love little things.

Well, I guess it could be so insane that some things dry out before I get to use them (if they are makeup).

In this case I am tempted to not use it, but it helps that I have wanted to try Fresh products for awhile now.

Anyway isn’t it cute?!

It is the 2012 Sephora Beauty Insider Birthday gift.

A duo kit, which is tiny, but enough to see if you like it.




I love when products just spill out…






Personally I wouldn’t mind paying for smaller versions, as long as they were priced relatively all right. We need smaller sizes so that people can test it out and see if they would want to invest in the full size product. I think of how many types of eyeliner I wouldn’t have bought, had I been able to try it out for myself. However there is no way I am using the testers at the stores (though a long time ago, I had thought of carrying my own sharpener around, just so that I could ensure a clean pencil to use. Still >_< I know, but I was desperate. Now I just hope that the reviews are good enough to follow, and that I will be lucky enough that my skin is like the reviewers! Haha…)

Anyway don’t forget to pick yours up when your birthday comes along! I almost forgot. I would have been kicking myself if I did!


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