Wet n Wild Trio

Happy February First Everyone xD


These babies have been popping up all over since their arrival on the scene. I only got my hands on them in December when my lovely CP’er Sparkled Beauty asked if I wanted a few.

Well, I thought I should get one…just cause…but dang, now I wish I said yes to everything she had! xD

You can find the trios for just under $5 I believe at Walmart, as well as the 8 pan shadows.

This one was a LE one…I believe?

Anyway I can’t remember the name, and I wasn’t smart enough to take a picture of its back! lol oh man oh man…

Edit feb2/12: getting sunburned is the name :) thx SB

Just under the watermark, is a layer of NYX Jumbo Pencil in Milk as a base. On top of the watermark is on bare skin.

The shadows are so very pigmented its mind blasting (hehe, little Peter’s reference…) I actually ended up rubbing a lot off because this was for a day look, and didn’t want it over the top. But yowza it was just so lovely. I just stared at my eyelid when I was done my MU.

Excuse the lack of a liner or mascara. I was in a rush to take pictures. Or so I say…

Anyway whenever someone asks me what palette they should get, I jump to say Wet & Wild. I haven’t been disappointed with the 8 pan Comfort Zone, or this one, and just wish I had more eyes to apply shadow on, so I can justify buying more!!! MOOOORRREEEEE!!!!


I’m okay, but yes, they are nice. Do you have any?


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