La Femme

When I first got into buying makeup online, I heard about La Femme blushes, and how great they were in terms of pigmentation. Well I wanted them, but shipping offered by MuM back then wasn’t the best, so I held off on buying them.

But I was finally able to cross off something from my Wishlist when Sparkledbeauty let me know that Beautythesis had tweeted about their free shipping sale at MuM! (This was back in early October…)

It took a lot of humming and hawing, trying to figure out which colours I should buy (and how many xD), but in the end I bought the following colours in the refill pan. I opted for the refill as they were just a tad cheaper ($2.50USD), and would allow me to buy a few more for just under $20! Oh the calculations I will do for the best prices!





They have all found a home in my new MUFE Magnetic Palette that I picked up from IMATS Toronto 2011.

indoor lighting
The picture was taken indoors, with my annoyingly bad yellow lighting. Apologies.


All I did for the swatches, was to pat my finger on the blush pan once (in the case of Mauve Sparkled, twice…) and then swiped on my arm. It is soft, so you may want to be careful when you use a brush. Tap off, or just be gentle, otherwise you will get a crapload of product, and end up a scary clown! (Been there, done that…)

In order from Left to Right…(of the arm swatches directly above)
P1070883 copy
P1070883 copy 4
P1070883 copy 6
P1070883 copy 5
P1070883 copy 2
P1070883 copy 3

One of the biggest annoyances, aside from the wait time for my order to arrive, was the hand written names on the back of the pans. It just really rubbed me the wrong way…I mean I’m sure that they used gloves when they were handling my blushes, but still.

Anyway, the sale that MuM had was just free shipping on all orders. Even to Canada. That isn’t a biggie anymore as it was only $3? Somewhere around there.

Though I placed my order October 8, it took a little over two weeks for it to be prepared, and ready to be shipped. Then I received mine November 7. Wasn’t all that happy with the amount of time it took to ship it, but they have now added a disclaimer on the page…

Due to the customization and there being over 100 different colors please allow an additional 5 business days on your individual Pan orders. These are hand-packaged just for you and take additional time and tender, loving care to ensure these delicate pieces get to you in perfect condition.

To their point it was true! The blushes were indeed individually hand wrapped, taped, placed in a smaller envelope, then wrapped in bubble wrap, THEN placed in a box. I didn’t have to worry about them during the shipping process (though I did worry about it a lot…)

Anyway, not really sure how I felt about the long wait time. I know its not something I needed immediately, but it did take much longer than I would have expected. Was it only because shipping was free? If I had paid for shipping would it have gotten to me sooner? I don’t know, but may do another order in the future, and note the results.


The following pictures are with Model in a Bottle sprays over it.

Then I ran my arm under warm (not scalding hot) water…

And then this was what I was left with…

Not bad in terms of the protective properties of Model in a Bottle. Will do a proper review of it later~


5 thoughts on “La Femme

    • No, I use a two of them as highlighters as they don’t show up as blushes. Unfortunate cause those two are really pretty as well~
      Ah well :)

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