Nyx Soft Matte Cream

You can see the full list of colours on the NYX website HERE (for the record I do believe their colour pictures need tweaking…)

I was able to snag this product in a CP from SparkledBeauty. Bought from Cherry Culture on one of their sales, I was pretty excited to try it out. I had originally wanted to buy the red _____, but thought I should go with something a little more toned down. So after checking out all the swatches, I went with Antwerp.



I love the “not lipstick, nor is it a gloss” statement on the product, as it is true, it isn’t at all like a lipstick, nor a gloss. If anything, it is like a weird lipbalm.


Unfortunately it contains the Cones…


(This shows up darker on my iphone…so I should mention it is definitely on the bright side when I wear it.)

It has a weird fruity/vanilla-y smell to it, which I am not personally fond of. I think it really could have done without any scent to it…regardless, I am liking the product.

I thought like a gloss, it would just require a quick application, and I would be good to go. However on my lips, I need to smooth it out with my finger before I head out to play.

Unfortunately, though I like the idea, and the somewhat ease of use, there are a few things that make this a bit meh in my books.

The product is a bit drying, so you may want to balm up your lips before application.

The product also seems to crease, which can be seen when I smile a big smile. You can see my lip lines all over the place. I would assume that this can be avoided with a balm, or even a lip primer.

However, I have found myself using this quite a bit lately. I like that the colour is different from what I usually go for. It makes my lips really pop (which isn’t always a good thing with my lips,) but I find with this product, I really don’t mind it as much.

And despite the creasing, I just remember to press my lips together once in awhile to try and smooth it out.

If I could get these at the $4.50 sale price that they go for on CC once in awhile, I wouldn’t mind buying another two. Really for the price its quite fun to play with. I know that really isn’t what you want to hear about a product, but that’s the only way I can explain it at the moment. It is simply fun.

I actually want to get a few of the Xtreme Lip Creams as well. Colours are so lovely :D


4 thoughts on “Nyx Soft Matte Cream

    • I know! So many people seem to like them so I was pretty excited to try it out. I do want to try more, one is just not enough xD

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