Toronto/Ontario: Mini heads up on Essie Polish

So I happened to open the flyer package that was delivered to our house…late Friday evening. The first one was the Factory Direct flyer. I thought I should check it out, as they did have the Essies back during boxing day.

And guess freaking what?!

Essie was on sale again!


Really is an awesome deal, however there are VERY limited colours. I think I counted 7? or maybe it was 6…This was at the Rexdale location.

Anyway I only picked up the following three, as I really REALLY don’t need any more polish, but I couldn’t deny them at this price xD


I picked up…

Left to Right

BraziliantSand TropezNice is Nice

(links to temptalia. As the colours are tricky to capture, I felt that this would be best)

If you find other colours do let me know :)

I may try and hunt out more colours~


2 thoughts on “Toronto/Ontario: Mini heads up on Essie Polish

  1. I saw these after boxing day and almost picked some up, but i really only really wanted one colour, the selection was pretty limited. I ended up leaving them behind. They had OPI’s too, pretty weird how they sell polish now.

    • Yes, it’s unfortunate that the only had 6 colours when I went. I could have bought more…but the selections wasn’t really what I like wearing on my nails.

      OPI has actually been there since the start of September-ish. But that are usually in really bad shape, and can be bought for approx the same price at salon supply stores. So I tend to skip on them.

      So yes, I guess for the polish addicted (like us) this may not be the best unless pastels appeal to you~

      Too bad though, as the price rocks xD

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