One Coat Glitters? No Way???

I got these babies from my dear friend DA/YC. Thanks so much xD they have been well loved.

Seeing as I LOVE glitters, this is right up my alley. And when I received them, they were not available here in Canada, so it was a bigger plus to have them sent to me from DA.



Purple Gleam actually needed two (slightly on the thicker side) coats.




I believe that I applied Silver Dazzle with two thin coats, but could have gotten away with one slightly thicker one. Guess that is the same thing xD

Anyway I found that the Silver Dazzle was also easier to remove than the Purple Gleam, which is weird, I know. Either way, they were both very lovely, and last the standard amount of time on my nails.

I’m a HUGE fan of glitter (though not so much the removal process), so I love when my friends gift me with glitter! I just wish I was able to wear glitter more often in my day to day life. But then I guess that is what the glitter of life is for~


5 thoughts on “One Coat Glitters? No Way???

  1. That is… actually really impressive. I’m surprised to see such pretty polishes (and such a user-friendly formula) from such a low-end brand!

    *scrolls back up to continue ogling Silver Dazzle*

    • It’s true, I was pretty surprised by it as well. I have regular Milani polishes in my stash that I have only used once, this reminded me of them…should put them to more use~

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